Wednesday, May 1, 2013

bye bye fake foods

i feel the tape between my glasses today and i turned my printer on.  oh and maybe i'll warm up my arm and perhaps my jump shot too to get some fake food into my garbage can... 

some good info to watch, read and chew on today.

i just printed this for my purse:  bookmark this food additive cheat sheet

birke baehr is 11 years old and i love his ted speech helping to educate us on why we need know where our food is coming from.  when my kids hear another kid talking about real food, they listen.  i do too.

when i started our food change, i had no idea what a genetically modified ingredient was.  i consider this our phase 2 of cleaning out my fridge and pantry:  a gmo shopping guide.

i keep wanting to put my fingers in my ears and squeeze my eyes shut tight and say, la la la la la la la... just block it all out.  it's so overwhelming to try and safely navigate the grocery store.  i just keep plugging along here.

news flash:  a recent story about earth balance products just hit the waves (thank you megan for bringing to my attention) and i'm just so frustrated.  this gets us mamas HOT.  meg is a parent of a child with severe allergies and clean products are so hard to come by!

i knew that the earth balance soy free buttery spread wasn't "real" because it was in essence a processed margarine spread.  but it boasts its products to be "non-gmo" and "natural" so i was willing to give it a pass since i have been avoiding soy and dairy with the kids: earth balance non-gmo committment.  we've been happily buying the soy free buttery spread and the vegan buttery sticks for over 7 months now.  i have made many many things with earth's balance spread and buttery sticks.  it tastes good, cooks & bakes well.  it's hard to give up the idea of "butter".

when i read this yesterday, i just put my head in my hands.

earth balance betrays consumers with false gmo claims

i really feel duped!!  what can i believe?  are they telling the truth or not?  the comments are certainly interesting.

so here's where i'm at now.  it's just not real enough for my family anymore.  i'm moving on.  true or false, i'm done.

hello coconut oil, i love you more every day.  i started researching and learning about my oils this morning and here are some great links i have bookmarked:

a handy cooking oil comparison guide

U of K integrative medicine's amazing cooking oil guide - this one is the best i've ever read - printing!

i'm going to try something new.  something i've read about but just disregarded because it sounded so darn weird.  ghee.  i bought my first glass tub and i'm pretty excited about experimenting with it.  i want to avoid dairy lactose and casein and since this does not have either, it might just fit the mullies bill.

i tried putting it on mac's toast yesterday and he did not like it.  darnit!!  so i'm going to try it in other things:  cooking & baking and perhaps someday they might get used to the slightly different taste.  i personally think it has a lovely taste and am very intrigued...  i'll keep you posted on my new ghee adventures:)  

byebye fake food...  did i tell you i love to throw things? 



liz, kate, caryl, courtney and carrie that video was for you.  go cats!!!!!


  1. We only cook with coconut oil and ghee. I love ghee and even Blake hasn't noticed the difference. Coconut oil is awesome for so many reasons and I swear we put some in everything. Made some gluten free cookies and replaced the butter with half ghee half coconut oil. Awesomeness! Read my most recent blog entry. It speaks to a lot of this stuff too!

    1. you and i are soooo on the same page my dear... love it. can you believe how far we've come? what were we eating tonight one year ago!?!? hahahaahahahaha

  2. Oh no, please don't say it's true! You'll have to keep us updated on how it goes with the ghee.. it's a sad day over here. But, cute video to cheer us up!!

    1. My Dad and I actually called the company and the customer service rep reassured us that they are in process of getting gmo certified. This is great, but even if they end up being organic and non-gmo, I have decided to kick it out of the house cuz it's processed:) The last couple of days were very sad & upsetting to me... as every "change" has been for me so far... but today, I'm way way over it!!!!! SWISH!!!! xoxo I am on the hunt for something better... stay tuned!!

  3. i will foh sho be trying this vegan butter recipe, it's funny i almost picked up pink himalayan salt yesterday and then didn't (; so are you cooking with your own homemade butter or store bought ghee? are you only using your homemade stuff for toast, etc.. and ghee for all else? just wondering! we can't eat ghee over here but we can certainly try the homemade route!!

    1. oh you will love this bunny! you can use the homemade butter for everything. no need for the ghee my friend:)


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