Thursday, May 2, 2013

now showing: homemade gumption "butter" and food revolution long grove is here!

today is the happy ending post from yesterday's loss of fake butter.  i'm literally typing as fast as i can to post this morning and sing it to the mullies.  

you might have noticed i like sara bareilles' music.  well, she just happens to be in chicago tonight at the Park West and well of course there's a song to play of hers for my post today.  i just listened to this in the car and i thought, oh this is perfect... getting over my margarine habit... perfect.  THEN, i looked up the video and realized that somebody is having some fun with me right now because this is how i imagine real food taking over the world.  our drops hitting people behind sara, jamie o, all the food ambassadors out there with me and our new ambassador teammate, briana cardone.  yup that's right, i'm crazy.  and now i have someone to have a brave food fight with.  

food revolution long grove is here baby!  i can't wait to introduce you to briana.  she'll be helping to put our food revolution community picnic event together on may 17th and it's going to be even bigger and better with her on board.  whoop whoop!

please enjoy this oh so perfect food revolution video.  i hope that sara doesn't mind me calling it that, but then i think it's the point of her sweet video.  i sure wish i could dance with her tonight.  so put your earbuds in and start dancing in your seat, around your kitchen or wherever you are and join our little party that's getting started.  

briana, let's make a video someday:)  i hope you can dance girl.  my favorite part is the ending... make sure you watch the whole kit and kaboodle.

here's what happened after lunch yesterday.

my dad and i called earth balance and were reassured that they were in the process of getting non-gmo certified   the customer service rep did not know about the article and said, "you can't believe everything you read on the internet."  whether the article's claims are true or false, i will no longer be buying margarine (i am over it) and i was still thinking about what i would find to replace it.  dad and i went through the comments of the article together and what did we find at the very end?  

the holy grail of butter.

the easiest, most delicious homemade-raw-vegan-butter recipe you'll ever make... infinite periods.  notes:  i subbed pink himalayan sea salt.  

all hardened up just like buttah.  this recipe makes the equivalent to two sticks.

last night, i cooked with gumption (meaning no recipe books) and the ghee made its first debut.

now i know why it's called clarified butter... it's really lovely melted in the pan.  i was in the zone and completely forgot to take pictures as i went.  so here is the finished plate, my too toasty garlic bread and all.

i know i know, lemons are not good to eat, but i just couldn't resist.  abbie and mac cleaned their plates.  we had to cheer tommy on, eventually he cleared his plate minus a few scallop bites (which chris and i happily ate).  i am so happy.  can you tell?  i only have a small leftover container of green beans.  they've all tried scallops before, but didn't remember them.  the kids actually took a bite without fearing a lightening strike.  i'm going to remember this night to get me through the next night of whines...

ghee is my new best friend.  it's a cooking dreamboat.

scallops sautéed in ghee
2 T ghee melted in pan
1lb large wild caught scallops
tequila lime seasoning (optional)

heat oil on med high and place scallops to sear on one side for 1-2 minutes.  flip and cook on the other side.  watch super careful to not overcook.  just before they were done, i took a teansy bit of s&p and tequila lime seasoning and sprinkled the tops.

steamed green beans with homemade butter and garlic salt
frozen organic green beans
1/4 c water
1 T homemade butter
garlic salt

place water and beans in a covered pot and steam for about 5-6 minutes.  toss occasionally.  season with 1 T of butter and a sprinkling of garlic salt.

easy roasted new potatoes 
1/2 bag organic new potatoes
2 T organic evoo
herbes de provence

preheat oven to 400 degrees. clean and dice up potatoes.  place on pan and toss with evoo, herbes, s&p.  eyeball everything.  cook for 20 min and toss.  cook additional 15 minutes or until starting to crisp up.  (btw, i have stopped using aluminum foil thanks to briana.  she is a chef and does not cook with it as it leeches the darn metal into your food and then your body... hello, gonzos!!  so now i use my silpat.  who cares about another pan to clean?  thanks girl.)

as for my new "butter", it passed the garlic bread test with flying colors (except i didn't pass it with my broiling skills... seriously, you'd think i could time it right with out burning my house down! argh!) and it also passed the breakfast toast test this morning.

this butter stuff is for real.  now go make some already!


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