Tuesday, April 30, 2013

leftover magic - veggie quinoa to pizza bites with homemade applesauce and ranch

sometimes i struggle with figuring out what to make for dinner.  i was craving pizza and decided to give this recipe inspo a whirl:  quinoa pizza bites - a little gem off pinterest.

i thawed out the extra veggie and quinoa mixture i had used both for a stuffed pepper night and a soup night.  oh man was i happy to have this on hand.

this is the sheep's mlk cheese we've been using (very sparingly).  the loud mooooooooooo that used to be in my kitche is now a very quiet baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

the only thing i will be changing next time is to mix up most of the cheese in the quinoa mixture like the recipe says and then save some to sprinkle on top.  i had the entire muffin pan filled when i realized i had left out the cheese... oh well, i just covered them all and it turned out just fine.

homemade applesauce 
mullies notes:
6 organic gala apples
1/2 c coconut palm sugar (this stuff rocks)
eyeballed cinnamon
eyeballed ground all spice

as for the ranch... well, that one is a crazy hit in the house.  i am happy to report i'll never buy it from the store again.  it's from gwen p's it's all good.  i wish i could reprint it for you...  sorry charlies:)   i searched around awhile to find another simple 5 ingredient vegan ranch recipe (couldn't find one!) and thought this might come close to being pretty tasty if you don't have the book:

homemade ranch dressing

all gonzos... with our fav bottle of vino:)

oh my word i.love.to.eat.

high fives mom!

did you notice the carrots with the green tops kept on them?  yup, they were a major hit.  MAJOR.  the entire bag was eliminated by the end of dinner.

what's up doc?!


  1. Replies
    1. oh you must and tell me how everyone likes them!!:)

  2. i am on board with anything pizza, so making these!!!!

  3. These look awesome, I am definitely making these!! BUT, I am so bummed, I got rid of my mini muffin pan when I cleaned out my kitchen! Whoops!

    1. that's ok, use a big muffin pan!!! you'll eat that much anyways...:) xo


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