Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blow it up with breakfast cookies

this recipe is a trapper keeper.  it is a hot mama collaboration and i am so excited for you to try this crazy easy, adaptable recipe.  sooner than later, these puppies will go straight into my beach bag for some sandy summer snack noshing!!

Christina's breakfast cookies (*mullies add ons)
1.5 c organic oats
*1/2 c oat flour (optional - i just ground some up in my processor to make a finer powder)
2-3 super ripe bananas (i used 2)
1 c unsweetened organic applesauce (i used one individual serving cup from the store or grate an apple)
*1 organic pear grated
sprinkle of cinnamon
*2 heaping spoonfuls of organic raw almond butter
handful of mini dark chocolate chips
handful of raisins
*1/2 tsp sea salt

additional variations:
handful of nuts
handful of cranberries
protein powder
(insert your extra goodies here)

preheat oven to 350 degrees.  combine all ingredients in a bowl.  form into serving size balls and bakc for 30 minutes.  

smack myself in the face good.  these cookies did not last the day - they became the kids' snacks and dinner dessert.  yea baby!  she even wrote it into my little recipe diary... that's some special christina sauce right there;)


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  1. breakfast cookies? i mean hello! no need to say more (;


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