Monday, April 29, 2013

green thumbs with a fervent foodie

oh my word look at those babies!!!  becky, you must tell me more...


Started my seedlings a few weeks ago to try my hand at growing some lettuce varieties, herbs & cherry tomatoes!  Here is my indoor greenhouse tray on windowsill!  All organic seeds & soil matter:)  My husband hopes to start building outdoor planters for me soon.  See those little green sprouts already?  Whooo hoooooo!

Since our food change in Jan, I have great news to report!  He is OFF of his blood pressure meds, has had no headaches in a couple of months, is down 41lbs and bought all new pants last week... from a 36" waist to a 32"!!!!!  What success all around.  Thanx for all your information along the way.  It really helped.


holy mackerals you two hotties... i am so impressed and so inspired - i think i am going to start a cooking herb garden this summer.  i'm really needing to cut back on the amount of flowers i get (can't bust my budget) and perhaps that could be a great way to cut back on spending all around!

gotta shine up my green thumb, it's been in mittens for toooooooo long...  bye bye chicago winter!!!

i am loving this link on edible gardening tips.  cheers to getting dirt in our fingernails and the new adventures of eating what we grow.  i can't hardly wait:)

lovely links to gardening and avoiding pesticides

and one of my favorite programs e.v.e.r:

the edible schoolyard project

off to play in the sunshine... it's my birthday today and i have to say, each year that passes by is better than the last...  lucky lucky lady i am


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