Monday, April 22, 2013

it's earth day - raw eating

happy earth day!  these mighty little ballz are the perfect snack and why not make them for a protein packed snack or dessert tonight in honor of the grand ol globe we live on.  

have fun with food.  i can't take things too seriously with all this food change or i'd go bonkers.

my hot mama girlfriend kristy made these puppies on friday for her little guy's birthday party.  we inhaled them.  they taste like oatmeal cookie dough balls and helloooooooooo - party in your mouth.  i think we had the most fun thinking of creative names for them.  

she gets the prize with "schweddy balls".

kristy pinned the recipe off pinterest.  unfortunately, the recipe's original site has been blocked for spam content or something crazy.  at least the recipe is in the comments!

update:  i have been inspired by other foodrev ambassadors with more sweet i have decided to just keep adding to the list:)  depending on who you serve them too, feel free to change the name to your audience.  this list could get fun...

1. "schweddy balls" - kristy
2. bringin sexy back dark chocolate pb balls & orgasmic no-bake dark chocolate pb balls - stacy- food rev ambassador idaho.
3. little chocolate earth balls - gaia - food rev ambassador belgium
1 c rolled oats 
1/2 c flaxseed meal
1/2 c organic peanut butter (or whatever nut butter you want...hee hee)
1/2 c organic dark chocolate chips (i ran out, so i chopped up a bar)
1/3 c local honey
1 tsp vanilla

this recipe yields about 30 balls...but of course, that depends on how large you like them.

please stop me...this is getting inappropriate.  

easily palmed.

i brought these over to my in-laws house for some family birthday "special plate" celebrations last night.  major hitskies.

thank you kristy for the inspo...i will be making these balls often in the mullies:)



  1. these look so good! definitely going to make them!! happy earth day (;

    1. yes you must...i can't wait to hear how the mr likes them. if he's anything like chris, you won't get any!!!

  2. Love me some balls! You are hilarious Lindsey! And so much fun!
    Let's make some more inappropriate recipes together ;)

    1. oh yes, let's:) never thought i could laugh so hard making a recipe. so so happy you made them first! they will be infamous now, HA!


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