Tuesday, April 23, 2013

hot mamas - inspiring gluten-free crepes

super excited to have a hot mama guest post today!  dawn has been making gradual moves into a food change for her family and i am celebrating with her today over crepes - her family is hooked!

this song is on my "cook you fool" playlist which goes on every night to turn the happy light on in my head.  sometimes, i'm pumped to cook, sometimes the dog's are barking.  i heard it first walking on the treadmill at the Y the other day.   i'm sure people were wondering why i was smiling like an idiot staring off into space... i of course was thinking about cooking, all the rain we've been getting here in chicago and the guts that it takes to start making a food change.

"let it rain", be brave and fearless.  sara wrote this song when she was scared out of her mind to make an album.  well, i'm sure glad she did...it's one of my favorites:)

this is for dawn and for all the hotties out there making small changes in their homes.

you gotta love it.

take it away dawn...


Here are my pics of the crepe making!  These are so yummy for breakfast OR dessert!  I just need to get the "gluten free" vanilla and then these will be totally gluten free.  Ben of course loves the homemade whipped cream!!  They are really awesome - I'm going to make them for dessert one day when I have a party or something.

My husband Sam said there was a stand in Breckenridge where they actually make the crepes and stuff them with whatever u want.  Sounds so good!

Thanks Lindsey for inspiring me!!

holy mackerel does that look good... i want to lick the spatula too...

the crepe, whipped cream and raspberry sauce recipes can all be found in peter and kelli's gluten free artisanal glutenifree cooking cookbook - here is a blogpost about it.  yet another reason that book will never leave our kitchens.

it's funny how the inspiring goes...i inspire her, she inspires me...i haven't made the crepes yet and oh boy do i hope to be tackling them this week.

this is super hot stuff, thank you SO MUCH my dear:)

"let the rain come down and make a brand new ground." 

keep rocking it out.



  1. Those crepes look awesome!! I need to get that book :)

    1. don't they!? i have always wanted to make crepes, just out of my comfort zone, so i'm going for it!!!

  2. i have crepes on my list of new-to-me vegan things to try and make, we shall see! (; and i've seen that place in breckenridge.. i always wish when i see a crepe restaurant (there is a another famous one in boulder) that they had vegan options... just another reason to spread those cooking wings! (;

    1. ohhhhhhh a gluten-free vegan crepe place....:) i wonder if we'll both try these on the same day!!! HA!!!


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