Wednesday, April 17, 2013

inspiration is everywhere

this song and video has inspired yet another road for the mullies to travel down.

the real food message is spreading like a waterfall into our homes and schools.

there is one more very important place it needs to go.

well our hospitals of course.

let's invision a commercial run by your community hospital that runs something like this.


our job is to take care of you.

to make you well.

you'll never sleep alone.  we're your backbone, the cornerstone if your legs stop moving, if your heart stops beating.

when you fall like a statue, we'll be there.

to make you well.  if you need help.

we'll share in your suffering to make you well.

we're going to give you reasons to believe.

we're making some changes that you deserve.

to help you get well during your stay.

we're changing our food.

for you.  for those you love.  to make you well again.

to help you bring new life into the world.

if you fall like a statue, we'll put you back on your feet.  

we're surrendering our fake food and bringing in more real food.

we're cleaning up our act.  no more artificial colors or preservatives and we're making a move towards gmo free foods for our staff and patients.

for you.  

long after your gone and back home.

you're our backbone and it's our job to make you well.

like a drum.

our heart will never stop beating for you.


don't you just love it? 


don't forget to watch phil's'll give you the tinglies.  

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