Monday, April 15, 2013

Food Revolution Day is COMING!!!!!

what are YOU doing on friday, may 17th?!  i am so excited to announce what i have planned for my community to celebrate the big day!  i've been a voluntary ambassador for the food revolution since november and so far, whooooooooweeeee, it's been a hoot to be a part of this global community.  

check out our exclusive event link on the food revolution main webpage and rsvp online today!  

of course, let me know if you'd like to join my team of volunteers for this free event...all are welcome to join food revolution mundelein in creating this wonderful first annual, family friendly event:) 

i had crazy fun making this little video last week for the food revolution.  i bet you're wondering why i have a silly black tie on, aren'tcha...

i hope you and the rest of globe join jamie oliver, me and the 300+ food ambassadors on friday, may 17th for food revolution day!  for me, the food rev is about discovering what really is lurking in the food i buy, learning where my food comes from and last but not least, increasing my cooking skills to become more comfortable in my kitchen.  

i, you, WE gotta have FUN with this shift to more real food.  it's going to be a long, rocky road and i don't know about you, but it's way more fun to join a global community of people who are all like minded and moving in the same direction.  food is everything and this article really begs a tough question.

i'm on a mission to bring cool, and yes, i said it...some sexy back to the kitchen.  we need to shift the stereotypes of aprons, blenders, food processors... and love our knives like we love our pearls, shoes and iphones.   we need to shift the paradigm so that our kids won't be at the mercy of processed, boxed, fast & pre-prepared foods when they leave our nests.  

let's begin shall we?  and let's have some fun together while we're at it! 

SO, without further ado, here is the mullies suit and tie party.  i've had two of these fab wine tasting/cooking parties and i dedicate them to the one and only daddy of the food revolution - mr jamie o.  he started this whole kit and kaboodle and i have to say:  i am honored to be a part of his revolution. 

yes, i'm an apple polisher (organic please) and he deserves every bite, so eat it and plan a party already.

thank you for having me on as an ambassador.  i hope mundelein, illinois and the entire USA catches fire on may 17th and joins the call for more real food in our lives.  

jt & jz:  thanks for the crazy inspo - your song rocks the mullies hizouse.
bunny:  cheers to the lives you've touched and made more beautiful in so many ways...thank you for everything.

this post wouldn't be complete without a major shoutout to paul molidor & visual keepsakes.  he is the amazingly creative man behind our two mullies videos.  his first video for the mullies captured a cooking playdate i had with a few of my hot mamas & kiddos (the twins are his sistahs).  paul specializes in creating custom photo and video keepsakes and he also converts mini DV to DVD for clients.  i am so excited to introduce the man behind the magic.  thank you paul - you are one hot papa and i'm so happy that real food has seeped into your family's foodie cracks too.  

to the mullies we go my friend.

visual keepsakes - paul molidor - 630.697.1180 -


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  1. The video turned out AMAZING Linds!!! Coming from a girl that has asked for food processors, cutting boards, and knives for her birthday, cooking IS sexy! It just takes those of us who know that to show it to people who don't, I love what you are doing and am so inspired by it! XO!

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I am sooo happy you and Matt could come - you two sure are sexy in the kitchen! HA! Looking forward to cooking with you guys again soon:) xoxo

  2. oh me dear.. i am so PROUD of you!!! you are a shining example of a fun, involved, amazing parent and i know you are inspiring all who know you! xoxo, bunny


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