Thursday, April 11, 2013

clean food = clean brains and bodies

this is a short clip from a dr mark hyman.  he is talking about a little boy in this clip, but he might as well have been talking about abbie.  warning: it's a tad cheesy and very infomercial-ish.  i have not read his book,  the ultramind solution yet, but i certainly believe that food is medicine after our experience with abbie.  our family food change resulted in successnever could have imagined her experiencing at school this year.  

i seems like i meet a mom or dad everyday who made a food change to help their kids with great success.  there are a lot of us out there!  some of us are vocal, some of us keep it close to the vest.  it's still seen as a "radical" or unrealistic way to approach ADHD and sensory processing issues and i am hoping to help change that perception.  

here is a little spring break update from my hot mama shelley that is so telling of the power of clean, un-processed food:


During vacation Ana was on a free for all eating frenzy … holy cow!  The girl was a nut job, ADHD to the ceiling & back, crabby & arguing with me about everything – four days back home – eating the right foods, no gluten, regular vitamins & minerals, balanced meals  and Ana’s back! Thank goodness because I thought about leaving her on the roadside somewhere between here and Florida. 


nuff said, right?  i love it!

sharing some goodies with you today - i recently bought two books that i'm currently devouring.  

first of all, gwyneth's book it's all good is e.x.a.c.t.l.y what i have been looking for - it is how i cook today:

gluten free
dairy free (sheep's and goat milk included though, YES!)
processed sugar free

i also own her previous cookbook, my father's daughter and love it...i just make my gf flour & non-dairy substitutions when needed.  i am so happy to have them both in my kitchen.

secondly, can i just tell you how bummed to be out of the diaper stage - ONLY because i never got the opportunity to try jessica's honest brand diapers.  i finally checked out her website and i'm super impressed...definitely going to buy her sunscreen for the family!!!  so far, the honest life is light hearted, real and very informative.  (i think i read every book review before i purchased it)  i'm so happy it's mine to mark up, highlight and quote.  it's girly, it's enthusiastic... i find myself saying, "yes, yes YES" to myself and out loud as her journey down the rabbit hole has been so parallel to mine.  it makes my smile and feel like i have a friend who has already paved the way for me.  i can stop googling the sh*$ out myself trying to find good, quality information and just sit with a wonderfully researched book.  heaven.

who has the time to read books?  well, i do, cuz i'm not cleaning up this mess just yet.  the worst of it?  my laundry room is out of control...

something's gotta give and you know what?  it's all good.


  1. i love... thought about leaving her by the roadside, although i'm not a parent, i bet there isn't a one that hasn't had that thought at one point or another!! haha! great post (;

  2. Just found your blog and loving it. So impressed at you taking a pic of your dirty dishes. I LOVE that. I get so sick of all the "perfect" blogs out there. You just made a meal from scratch--so I love it! My family and I recently embarked on a gluten, artificial color, flavor, preservative, MSG, corn syrup-free diet. We did it in February to see if it made a difference in our daughter's behavior, then went off it in March to compare, now we are back on it in April. I'm gradually getting the dairy out of there, but don't know how we will handle letting go of cheese. Seriously my favorite food. Anyway, it isn't just ADHD--I think it's anything to do with the brain. For instance, our daughter's current dx is mood disorder (as in bipolar disorder). We originally thought it was ADHD, but all of her doctors (she is now seeing four) say mood disorder (with some Asperger-y/sensory symptoms as well). So many of these issues kids like ours (I also have three kids and it is my middle child, a daughter, who is affected--she is 6 turning 7 soon) have overlapping symptoms and issues. So I'm excited to find your blog because the hardest part is that no one else we know does this "crazy" diet thing. After our little trial, though, we are certain in works. Just saw one of the doctors this morning, who said, and I quote, "Diet is only effective in about 10% of children." He's a good doctor, but my personal experience would differ from his. SO MANY parents and people experience a difference. It's really amazing. Luckily the psychiatrist we are seeing right now is really on board. Anyway, love your blog! Congratulations on the Food Revolution connection (that's how I found your blog), and love your blog name!

    1. hi Dawn! SO awesome to meet you and i am so excited to hear that your food change is WORKING!!! and hollah to the "crazy", right?! so cool that our daughters are the same age and i am so happy you have found someone who is supporting you:) wouldn't it be great for that 10% speech to evolve into: "hey, give it a try, whether it works or not, you have nothing to lose. AND i'm here for you if it doesn't work for your child" i soooo hear you on the cheese... it's my favorite thing too:) we actually found a really great sheep's milk cheese and yogurt at Whole Foods. i am experimenting with the yogurt in our smoothies and the cheese is perfecto on our homemade pizzas and such. i also keep an imported, high quality parmesan cheese on hand... we use both sparingly and since the cheese has tons of flavor, i use very very little. and i'm happy to report my personal addiction to cheese has lessened thank god!!! dawn, please don't be shy, i'd love to keep up with you! welcome to the mullies hot mama!! xo


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