Tuesday, April 9, 2013

fabuloso fritters

how bout that for a fritter?

in my quest to fill my kids' & husband's tummies with veggies, i am constantly on the hunt for different ways of serving them & disguising them until their eyes stop telling them that they are disgusting.  this was a classic example of my family balking at a new dinner...struggling to eat a few bites and finally realizing that it's pretty darn good.  oof.

when i think back (7 months ago) to what i was feeding the kids and how they would react to new food and compare those memories with today's cooking & dinner experience ...we've come a long way baby.  me and them.  i just have to keep remembering that.

i downloaded jamie oliver's recipes iphone app about a week ago and i am so excited to have found a recipe to bring into the dinner theme night rotation: fabuloso fritters.  it's a free app and the recipe is part of the free 10 recipe taster pack.  

i can add ANY veggie to this and that is why it has now made it into the rotation...i can't wait to try some veggie variations for this super easy, fast weeknight meal.  

if you want the original recipe, you'll have to check out the app... but here is a tweaked gluten free ingredient list to die for.  i also doubled it to 4 servings.  they are delicious as left overs too!!

pea and bean fritters (gluten and cow milk free)

1 1/5 c frozen organic peas
1 can mixed organic beans
6 thinly sliced scallions
1/2 T dried mint
2 large locally farmed eggs
1 1/5 tsp baking powder (aluminum free)
1 c organic rice milk
1/4 light coconut milk
3 oz grated italian aged sheep's cheese (from whole foods) 

ya gotta try em...

the original recipe calls for only fava beans and green peas.  i used a mixed can of organic beans which included butter, cannellini, garbanzo, pinto and great northern beans...quite a mix.  i simply loved this way of defrosting/cooking the beans.  pour boiling water over them and let em soak for 10 minutes.  sheer geniusness.

if daiya cheese won't cut it for me in a recipe, i occasionally use high quality, imported european sheep and/or goat's cheeses to some dinners.  so far so good!  

i didn't have fresh mint on hand...dried seemed to work fine in a pinch.

i definitely needed to add more rice milk to get my pancake perfect consistency.  the picture above is too thick...so i added about a 1/2 cup more liquid than was called for in the original recipe.

isn't this supposed to be a butter dish!?

it's my coconut oil dish now!  i love having it out and ready to use anytime...as the chicago weather gets warmer though...i may have to stick it in my fridge.  

it's fancy pancy over here...paper towels soak up the excess like no other:)

 and this is what tommy & abbie did for the first 15 minutes.

pick pick pick.  to the moon my alices.

as for the sauce - i am loving the simple dippy-ness of vegenaise mixed with salsa...a huge versatile hit so far with everyone.

this stuff is what dreams are made of.  hail merry to the rescue.  such simple ingredients, nothing artificial and my kids adore them.  

everybody loves 80 yard touchdown passes.

have fun with your fritters love bugs.


thank you michelle for passing this great link along!  so many people are asking what "real food" means.  follow this leading nutritionist advice and begin avoiding these 9 highly processed ingredients.   start cleaning out your pantry & fridge, a little at a time, however much you can afford to do...your tummy is worth it.


  1. Super informative article and SO freaky to think about ....also did you see that Dawn Jackson Blatner was quoted? Remember her from the yummy coconut curry recipe? Full circle baby!

  2. yum-o! and i love your butter dish (so french!) and that chocolate almond butter looks ah-mazing!

    1. the dish had me at hello:) and that chocolate tart...sinful...

  3. YES!!!! Full circle is right:) I'm so happy you told me about her Becky:) I am going to make that recipe tonight!!! xoxo

  4. These look so good, I'll need to try this recipe!! And, I was totally eyeing your butter dish at your house the other night, love it!

    1. you really do...i love how creative you can be with the add-in veggies...cannot wait to see what you do with it!!!


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