Thursday, April 4, 2013

are GMO's connecting us to the dying bees?

now isn't that a doozy of a question!

a little GMO-ness for your reading pleasure.

understanding GMO's and the Monsanto Protection Act

since we don't have any pets at our house, i never thought about how the Monstanto Act & GMO's could effect our pets...thankfully this bill will expire in 6 months and hopefully, it will never pass again.

could this be a little reverse psychology on the part of mr. Prez?  well, i sure couldn't think of a better way to wake us all bravo if it works:)  at first breath i was furious at the bill signing, but it may turn out to be an act of brilliance...can't wait to see what happens in 6 months.

and isn't this nytimes article just the bees knees?  it sure helped me to connect the dots...hope it does for you too.

soaring bee deaths and the link to pesticide infused seeds (GMO's)

bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-ing for spring, flowers and lots of bumblebees.



here's what 100daysofrealfood had to say & their tips on how to avoid them in your food:  gmo's & the monsanto protection act

just breathe....and look forward to some sunshine.  it's coming, can't you feel it?

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