Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 everyday easter dishes & the *magical* gluten free flour link is HERE

easter dinner always included this whipped cream fruit salad at my grandma "on the farm's" house.

nobody could tell i tweaked the cream for the mullies.

coconut whipped cream & organic fruit salad
find the coconut whipped cream tutorial & recipe here.
1 mango
1 pint strawberries
1 pint blueberries
1 pint green grapes
3 mandarine oranges
3 apples
1 banana

dice up all fruit and pour the whipped cream over the top.  mix and serve.  if you are wanting to prepare ahead of time like i did, do not slice up the banana until the end (so they don't brown) and chill the whipped cream in the fridge until you're ready to go.  use whatever fruit you want!

mac and abs got the leftovers in their school lunch yesterday...the bananas needed to be taken out, but the rest was still perfectamondo.

ah maaaaaan, sorry the brussels are fuzzy.   hummina hummina.  never in my wildest dreams would the brussel sprouts have gone first at a family gathering...that's how good they are...and crazy EASY too.

goop carmelized brussel sprouts

the one and only gluten free flour blend
notes: i sub 1 3/4 cup arrowroot for the corn starch

yup, it's live on noglutennoproblem.blogspot.com so now there's no excuse...go and get yourself some flour!!  i don't have any idea why i couldn't find it before...  i certainly wasn't going to post it here if peter and kelli didn't have it accessible on their blog.  so i am freaking out that i can sing it to the mullies.  i go through this flour so fast that i'm now buying it all on subscription from amazon.  it's the cheapest by far for me vs any grocery store and i'm so excited about not having to pick it up from the store anymore!!  i'm on my 14th quadruple batch and counting...

baguettes to die for

yums.  these super fab dinner dishes will be on repeat foh shoh.

i hope you likey.

the ice is almost gone - the diamond is sparkling again.


some good readin on the connection between sensory processing and the fake food in our life.
knock yourself out:  ADHD and food additives


i'm totally trying this cauliflower action this week...can't wait to share.  thanks bunny love.


  1. Is this the flour recipe you were telling me about?

  2. Is this the flour recipe you were telling me about? Looks YUM!!!

    1. YES!! It is the one and only! Look no further Nina...it is powdered gold:) You must let me know how you like it!! xoxo

  3. i miss whipped cream so a big fat WOOOHOOOOOO for this recipe link, AND i've got all of the fruit fresh & cut already so mister mister is going to get me a can of coconut milk, so excited!! thanks pretzel! and for the flour link.. xoxoxo! bunny

    1. Oh you know it!!! I sweetened mine with some organic sugar, but I've also used honey and it works great...I love how you can tweak both the vanilla and sugar to your liking...you MUST tell me how it goes!!! xoxo


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