Friday, March 29, 2013

real food in costa rica

oh boy did i have some fun last week. 

everyone asks, "what is the mullies?" is a perfect example:

to the mullies=costa rica=chef dezz

if you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful country and venture into the quepos & manuel antonio must must look up chef desiree brassert.  her asian-french-costa-rican fusion cuisine made me want to find my inner julia child as she was our in-house chef for the week.  

thank you from the bottom of my heart dezz: for taking the time to chat with me and teach me a few things.  you really inspire me and your energy is crazy awesome in the kitchen.  you really do infuse love into the food you cook from scratch and all of us could taste it in every, single bite.

i cannot WAIT to try out some of her tips in my kitchen... i most certainly have her cookbook recommendation on my shopping list - ken homs asian ingredients.  yum baby yum.

turns out chris l.o.v.e.s vegetable fried rice done i'm on a mission, along with some other amazing asian-fusion dishes...oh lordie lordie.  i wonder what the kids will think...

here are some of my favorite pics from our weeklong trip with a wonderful group of friends.  it is our second year in a row to costa rica.  to jody, carrie and mark - it was heaven.  thank you so very very much. 

this music will always take me it bunnycakes.

looking for a 5 story, industrial/modern/costa rican inspired architectural genius to hold you and 17 other peeps?  meet manuel antonio's most coveted villa - punta de vista.  oliver and rocked our stay!!!!!  we hope to see you both again some day...perhaps with our little rug rats in tow:) 

goonies ocean foh shoh.  heeeeyyyyyy yooooouuuuuu guuuuyyyyyyyyyyysssssss!!!!

till we meet again... love you costa rica.

back to the real world now...baggage claim.

now i gotta go find some candy without artificial color...

happy easter to all the cute and fuzzy bunnies out there:)  


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  1. bunnycakes music foh sho! and what a group of *beautiful* ladies!!!! love a little island inspired cooking, can't wait for your recipe take on what you learned... xoxo!


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