Saturday, February 9, 2013

the tahini force - part 1

i love starwars.  i have a younger brother and he was obsessed with starwars, the terminator, predator, & aliens growing up...and so i love all that too.  why i just lumped all that together, i don't know...

i have the force today luke.  i stole a starwars t-shirt out of mac's drawer this morning trying to re-create bunny's outfit i linked to yesterday and the funny thing is, he is playing right next to me as i type this... he hasn't noticed i'm wearing it yet.  does that mean i get to keep it for myself?!  hee hee.  you snooze you lose kiddo.

yoda, i have so much crazy energy today...somebody stop me!!!

a few hours ago, mid-waffle making, i found my second question answered by the food tube gals and i could not WAIT to try it out on one of my unsuspecting kiddos.

so here i go...
here's what i had on hand for a gluten & dairy free
orange marmalade & tahini sandwich

udi's cinnamon raisin toast
earth's balance soy free buttery spread
organic orange marmalade

then, i tried it out for abbie.  she saw the different bottles on the counter and immediately decided she wasn't going to like it.  ugh.  darn those kid food goggles... if only i had just put it in front of her.  i'll be doing that in her lunch box this week.  i'll let you know how it goes...perhaps i'll keep the strawberry jelly but switch in the tahini for the peanut butter:)  always scheming...

stay tuned for tahini in the mullies part deux...whatever that may be...

thanks for your inspo food team, this was so much fun:) 



  1. got the apricot, just need the tahini (; love the video!!

  2. i cannot wait to hear what you think! in love with tahini over here...


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