Friday, February 8, 2013

hot mamas - chimmie chat

yahhooooooeeeeeee, another hot mama is in the mullies today.  i met laura four years ago - a meet cute at gymboree.   i kept looking for her each week, but she wouldn't turn up again...i even went up excitedly to another girl (who looked the same from the back) and that was awkward.  i had one last make up class and poof, there she was at her last make up was fate.  i was a month pregnant with tommy and she was about a day pregnant with that little lady above. 

it's now a long distance relationship...she moved three hours away but that doesn't stop the lovefest.  

and get this - my chimmie (or simply "lg") holds a degree in nutrition, so this lady has some sweet stuff to share.  you could say i just recently (about 150 days ago) caught up to her line of thinking about food;)

i don't have any cereal in the house right now, but if i ever need any, i'll be getting this one foh shoh.  i just found this great blog post comparing it to kellog's corn puffs.  it's a perfect example of how you can find great replacements out there for the fake stuff in your pantry.  

her fav drink right now.  i found a great review of all of the flavors...there are a ton!  her hot hubby freaked out at the $$ (mine would have too) and she replied, "if you can get a beer for $8+... i can can get a drink too!".  nicely put, i never thought about it like that...  she makes a homemade smoothie similar to this glowing green smoothie which i am going to try making soon.  nina and iz - that link was for you!

i'll let her take over with a few more pieces of real food inspo for my weekend grocery run.


Ginger is really great for your immunity and digestion.  It seems to be working great on my sensitive tummy:)

Dr. Oz's Ginger Tea
check out his flat belly & ginger tea article.

3 bags ginger tea
1 c fresh juice of 1 lemon
2 c water
2 c ice
a few mint leaves (I even eat them when I'm done yummy!)

Here is a recipe for an alternative to oatmeal.  A must try.  Kids and husband approved (he actually stole the whole batch and brought it to work...I could have killed him).

nutty hot cereal

And you must try these balls...

nutty strawberry protein balls & nutty blueberry protein balls.



we definitely have that in common.

can't wait for you to come around here for another chimmie chat:)


hey'd we do?


  1. Laura's in da house, yipee! We have Gorilla Munch in our house too, we all love it, kinda like Kix with a kick!

    1. YOU DO!!!! That is awesome...will have to try it since i have the approval of TWO hot mamas:) xoxo

  2. Don't forget the fresh mint leaves in the tea! Makes the whole thing:)

    1. I can't wait to try this sucker chim chim!!!

  3. look at you two hot ladies!!! LG in the HOUSE!!!!! 'bout time! (;
    xoxo, bunny

  4. LOVE me some Gorilla Munch! Like a healthy Cap'n Crunch! Except...without the tearing apart the skin on the roof of my mouth!

  5. LOVE me some Gorilla Munch! Like a healthy Cap'n Crunch! Except...without the tearing apart the skin on the roof of my mouth!


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