Monday, February 11, 2013

more me loves lattes - a video tutorial

the best part of this was who taped me.

my bowl of oranges.

i nestled my phone amongst the juicy orange balls and shot my first "me=goober" video.  and let me tell you, those oranges didn't laugh at me at all.  it was great having a captive, silent audience.

i chose my dairy free latte for two reasons: #1 - because i love it so much  #2 - it's the single most frequently asked question: "how in the world (or insert your own fun word here) do you live without dairy milk?  ...the sheer blasphemy of it all!  so, here i am again with my crazy-good-dairy-free concoction.  you can find the previous post about my love affair here.

we don't have any dairy milk in the house.  mac was highly allergic to it as a baby, abbie has always disliked it.  so, it wasn't very hard for me to cut it out of the kids' diets.  my diet though...that was another story.  me = kicking and screaming.

the straight jacket didn't stay on long and i'm now a much saner, zit-free version of my previous self.

i drink, bake and cook with this rice/coconut milk combination with spectacular results.

here she is - my virgin, 1-take, orange-assisted video:)  happy monday fun day.



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  1. well you are a *natural* on video!! tv world... watch out! i LOVE it, such a great first video!! i can't wait for more live tutorials from you... xoxo, bunny

    1. ohhhhh, so happy you like it!!! i'm telling you, me and those oranges...we are going to have good times:) hahahaha!!!!! xoxo

  2. So cute Linds, love the oranges!

  3. Great job on your first video! Will you post the measurements/recipe/ingredients for us?! XOXO

    1. hey cooler! Here's the thang, there is no "recipe" just fill up your cup (whatever size) halfway with rice milk, add the coconut milk to your liking (the more cream, the creamier the coffee) and then top it off with the coffee of your choice:) Easy peasey!!! I guess a good approximation is 1 cup of rice milk plus 3 T of coconut milk. I hope that helps!! xoxo

  4. Can't see the video in the post?? What the what?

  5. Yeah! Thanks Chimmie! Love the video and love that latte! Xoxo


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