Tuesday, February 12, 2013

do you know what day it is?

have you ever heard of it?  not me, not until yesterday:)

i think we should have pancakie day at least once a week.  hhmmmmmmm, perhaps every tuesday...that could be fun in the mullies.

that's how long it took to make pancakes from scratch: 10 minutes.  so now that i timed myself, i really don't have an excuse NOT to make them.

stuffed the kids faces and off they went to school today.

mac just walked in...see ya later alligator.

maybe we'll have pancakes for dinner too:)


  1. and just where is your pancake recipe?? and how did I, ultimate pancake lover of the universe, completely MISS pancake day. bummed!

  2. well, you'll just have to make it up by making some pancakes:) I will link to the recipe...forgot!!!! thanks bunny bunns xoxo


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