Thursday, February 7, 2013

a february everyday chopped salad challenge

ah yeeeeeaaaaaaaa, here we go...the mullies kitchen tackled the #1 february ambassador challenge

a few of our in-town & out-of-town family stepped up to the cutting boards to show off their serious, mad veggie-chopping skills.

huh-HAH!!!!  play it and let's get our chop chop on.

amy sliced and diced the majority of our green salad players.  she was fast as lightening and had expert timing chopping up the cucumbers, sprouted pea shoots, scallions, basil, romaine and red leaf lettuce.

casey had a virgin voyage separating the rainbow chard leaves from the stalks.  with funky ability, she went straight from the hip and used a careful swing of the hand.  instead of discarding the stalks, i explained how to chop them up like celery and add them to the wonderfulness.  thanks again sarah, georgie and ginny for this super tip...don't throw em out, EAT THE STALKS!!!

ryan wielded yet another sword to make it an island slicing trifecta and gave a rough chop to some cremini mushrooms.  huh-HAH!

pat smelling the basil - mmmmmmm, so delicious and such an unexpected ingredient for the salad.  none of us had ever put basil into a salad before and we really loved it.  chop chop chop.

the salad dressing turned out ahmazing...nothing beats homemade, fresh dressing...  

here are the super colorful, organic additions we added to our chopping block:
cherry tomatoes
yellow and red pepper
cremini mushrooms
swiss chard leaves and stalks (chopped)

i burned my nuts...darnit.  somebody karate chopped me and i forgot to watch them.

now onto the rest of this fabuloso meal - HUH-HAH!!

i prepared my first vegan meatballs recipe.  i think the only improvement would have been some additional spices to kick it up a notch.  i bet you're wondering what in the world is in this concoction!!!??  check the link out, this whole foods recipe is really genius.  
i followed the recipe to a T.

 vicki and kevin are expert meatball handlers.  remind me to close the door to my bathroom next time...

the tray on the right holds some trader joe's turkey meatballs...a mix is always a good time.  

here was our night's menu in full:

turkey meatballs
organic marinara sauce
brown rice 
organic brown rice pasta

yup, that's all that was left...and i ate them all for lunch yesterday.  little miss piggy panda.

we chopped our little hearts out and stuffed our faces quite full.  the evening was yumtastic and so very happy - thanks for that new word vicki...i'm all over it!  oh, and sorry kevin, i didn't have another picture without your face getting chopped off.  HUH-HAH!!!!!!!!


does anyone know how to chop onions without crying?

i'd really like to know.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I use a chopper I got at target a long long time ago for my onions. It is one of those "as seen on tv" things but works great and no wiping the mascara when you are done! I will have to get you the name of that thing. I know you have seen me use it at my house.

    1. Yea, that little box thing is great!!!! Thanks LG:) xoxo

  2. yes please on the vegan meatball recipe! looks like a fun time and a yummy meal!

    1. Just click on the green highlighted link and it's all yours babycakes:) I hope you likey!! xoxo

  3. To not cry either light a candle, or smell a match. The onions make you cry because of the smell, has nothing to do with getting it in your eyes. You can also rinse the onions in a colander to take away some of the bite if you are eating them raw. Or wear waterproof mascara ; ) happy chopping!

    1. I got the same suggestion from a fellow ambassador! I just tried dunking my onion into some water and it worked like a charm:) However, I had no idea that is was the smell that caused the tears...thank you my dear:) Candles and music...done!!! xoxo


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