Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bread babe

holy mary catherine gallagher...give me a SUPERSTAR!!!!  sniff sniff.

see that beautifully risen dough?  it started out filling only half of the pan.  that is how much it rose for me in an hour of sitting in front of the fireplace (seriously, that's where i left front of a nice "warm" place).

i'm the bread babe.

i did it.  i DID IT.

crispy edges, soft-spongy-moist-middle, total-gluten-free-love-fest.

and the kiddos like it.  i'm not holding my breath that they would pick it over their Udi's...but you never know....

so, without further ado, here is the recipe link for the best homemade gluten free bread you'll ever have.  

infinite periods.

no automatic bread maker needed.

this is worlds cheaper than buying an Udi's loaf at $4.99 a pop.  however, can i keep up with demand??? that IS the question my dear watson.  

grandma dorothy, i DID IT!!!!!!!  thanks for your pep talk, i love you.

home again home again jiggity jig.


after shining so brightly, my bread loaf pan's non-stick surface started to peel on the outside after i cleaned it last night...totally disgusting=in the garbagio.  so, i just ordered these puppies.  i cannot wait to get them:)  they better work.  the bread babe will be back to report.


  1. Oooo I have a pancake-esque dinner idea! Do you guys eat wild-caught Atlantic salmon? You could make gluten-free salmon cakes. For your side, oven roasted turnips, sliced thin. So good!!

    1. oh man, that sounds wonderful!!! I'm going to search for recipes...unless you'd like to pass one along my dear!?!? xo

  2. trying this ASAP!!!!! you rock, bread making is intimidating and YOU DID IT!!!! doing it doing doing it! thanks for the inspiration, xoxo bunny

    1. yes yes yes! you guys are going to love it:)


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