Wednesday, February 20, 2013

dark & minty coconut ice cream

are you ready for this!?  i don't think you are.  

i'm super excited about this ice cream recipe.  here is the original recipe inspo here.  i have that written in my little cooking journal.  do you have a cooking journal?  i write in pencil and i love it so...all my notes, recipe tweaks...i paste things into it's fun watching it grow.  i have since added tons of notes with mullies magic (it's gettin more powerful these days)...must be all that harry potter watching and reading with mac.  

dark & minty coconut ice cream
additive, artificial color and dairy free!!!

1 c homemade almond milk (i still love the hemp milk & you can sub whatever milk you please)
1 c full fat coconut milk
1 T flaxseed oil (oh yea omega 3's!!!)
1/2 c honey
1 T vanilla
20 trader joe's pepperment candies - no artificial color in these puppies (crushed)
3 discs of the trader joe's organic stone ground extra dark chocolate (i think any dark, stone ground type would work here) (pulsed in a food processor till pieces resembled small chocolate chips).

dump it all in a blender, give it a whirl.  transfer it to your ice cream maker and mix for 25 minutes.  

go to heaven.

we tried cutting the chocolate up by hand...didn't work so well.  probably the butter knife into the processor the chocolate can see my little journal with a sticky note behind her:)

abbie is cleaning up all by herself here...i was so surprised i took a pic.

i got this mortar and pestle for our wedding 12 years ago and it was rarely, if ever used.  it has been re-knighted onto my countertops for i have used it twice in the last three days.  boo-yah.

one pint of the a dairy free coconut ice cream brand will cost you $5+ depending on where you buy it.  

i have over two pints here babycakies and you bettah believe it cost me less than $5.  

get in my belly!    


remember this post about mac and his magnesium levels?  well, here's an update:  i got a little "lax" with his magnesium supplements for his eye tics.  and guess what?  chris and i started noticing them a little more and he actually told me the other day that he noticed them, i think there's definitely something here...  we ramped back up and they are on the downswing again.  abbie helped me mix in some cal-mag powder in all of the kids' ice cream bowls last night.  

this food thing never ceases to amaze me...


  1. wow!!! look at you hot mamma.. looking so cute! and i've got the blender, just might need to get the ice cream maker... xoxo

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