Tuesday, February 19, 2013

here's a little story about a hot papa and his giambotta

you've already met this italian girl - now meet this boy - our first hot papa cooking in the mullies.

so hit play and let's have a cooking date night italian style with lots of love & a reggae beat from kurt to his giambotta christina...and to all of us worldwide - this one goes out to you and yours.

whoooooooooo.........                yea, yea, yea, yea, huh huh...huh huh...

this highly metaphysical man brought his family over to the mullies and made his crazy ahmazing recipe  - which we had to write down as we cooked, cuz he just throws it together...you know, like a real chef...yea baby! 

these two are high school teachers and coaches...she is a foods & clothing design teacher, he is a history teacher.  it's a match made in heaven and i wanna learn everything i can about cooking from these two hotties.

welcome to the most delicious rustic chicken giambotta dish you'll ever make.  it is inspired by the dish served at our most loved italian restaurant here in the hood:  mambo italiano - this one's for you.  we love you and all the real food you bring to our little town.

first up, rockin in the dancehall:

christina's method of roasting red peppers (you can of course use a grill).  but sometimes it's nice to have an inside method.  quite genius if i may say so myself.

just turn the veggies over an open flame.

once they are nice and evenly charred, pop em in a plastic bag and let em steam.  
i said, heeeeeey baby, this is so easy...i love it babygirl!  

we'll be coming back to these steamin peppers in a bit.

kurt began by chopping up the onion, garlic, fresh parsley and oregano.  

rock chopping in the dance hall witchuuu.  chris is soaking it all in... not quite ready to dance yet.

oil cured olives are the only way to go in this dish...do you know how to pit an olive?  christina just pops it with the side of her knife and out comes the pit.  so simple it hurts me.  

no more crowding the pan for me...the only way to properly brown cuts of meat.

kurt picked up all of the freshly prepared meat...no nitrates or antibiotics in this hizouse!

the art of browning:  LET THEM SIT.  DO NOT TOUCH.  

next up to the pan:  the sliced onions and garlic...oh yum.  as these cook, the bits of browned meat begins to deglaze from the pan.

kurt deglazed the second pan with some white wine and chicken stock and added this to the pan first.

meanwhile...it's time to rub off the charred red pepper skins.

ready to be sliced and added to the saucy mix!  the best luck i had was to have you in my kitchen.

all ingredients are now in the pan...potatoes, peppers and herbs.  

rocking in the dance hall, movin witchu, close to you...

add in the meat - place it all on top.  

a little added butter, just before it's done...

serve it up - make sure to spoon that gorgeous sauce over the top please.

party in the dancehall moving (in the kitchen) with you...

i said hey papa hey papa hey papa hey    ....ahhhhhhh.  (my favorite part is when she says that - with her head thrown back, don't you think?)

dessert you ask?  but of course.  

baked apples stuffed with oatmeal.  this recipe is rockin.

look!  chris helped bag some walnuts for me!!!!!  he's starting to wiggle his hips...

cored and stuffed...

on top:  maple syrup drizzle and my homemade chocolate chip coconut ice cream.  

that face pretty much sums up the night.  heaven.  abbie who has never liked oatmeal so far, had two servings.  i love you.

kurt's rustic chicken giambotta
inspo from mambo italiano
a doubled recipe for your next dinner party of 10

4 organic chicken breasts
8 boneless skinless organic chicken thighs
2 lbs nitrate free italian sausage
extra virgin olive oil
1.5 organic yellow onion sliced
6 cloves garlic chopped
20 oil cured olives (pitted and roughly chopped)
1 roasted red pepper
16 small organic russet potatoes (boiled until almost cooked)
1/2 bottle of white wine (he used a sauvignon blanc)
2/5 c organic chicken stock
2 T fresh oregano chopped
1/4 c fresh parsley chopped (and some reserved for garnish)
1-2 T imported or organic butter (optional)
sea salt & freshly ground pepper to taste

his method:
1.  fill pot with cold, salted water and add potatoes.  heat until boiling and remove before fully cooked.  quarter lengthwise and set aside.
1.  heat pan coated with evoo (2-3 T) until medium hot.  work in batches to cook and brown chicken and sausage.  set aside cooked meat.
2.  let pan cool down a bit.  add in some more evoo (1-2T) and cook onions until beginning to soften.  add in garlic.  stir on medium low heat until translucent.
3.  pour in wine and chicken stock to onion mixture and deglaze pan.  add potatoes, sliced peppers, olives and herbs.  season to taste.  simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
4.  arrange chicken and sausage on top.  cover and simmer for 30-60 minutes.  with about 10 min to go, add in a few tabs of butter (this adds some depth and silkiness to the sauce).

the more i see the less i know...
rockin in the dance hall kitchen movin with you...i said hey mama, hey papa...i loves you.
the best luck we had was to meetchou.  thanks for sharing your cooking love k&c.

we can't wait to keep learning witchu...


we took a few videos:)


  1. How fun! And it looks yummy. Question---where did they get the fresh meat??

    1. Kurt went to Mariano's in Vernon Hills and talked to the butcher in person about the farms, quality and ingredients of the meat.


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