Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day

i'm a party mom today...wish me luck.

here are our mullies "valen-cutie's" (thank you hot mama christina for the inspo).
abbie coined the term all by herself:)

here is what uncle ryan made for his valen-cutie this morning.  
thanks for the bro-in-law-inspo...everyone loved them this morning!!!

i combined two recipes and held my breath because i was down an egg...but they sure turned out tasty and now i just might make them this way forevah.  

heart shaped pankcakes
inspo from jamie o & the artisanal gluten free cookbook - great article today on cost of gf flour!!!

2 c gf flour blend (or whatever flour u want)
4.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt (i'm loving my pink himalayan salt right now)
2 T organic sugar
1 3/4 c rice milk + 1/4 cup coconut milk
1 egg
1 pear grated (skins included)
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
4 T melted coconut oil (or butter/margarine)

let's rewind time a bit:  gotta tell you about our day yesterday...

tommy had his first baking playdate with his little buddy johnny.

i got to hang with his hot mama kristy.  about 15 minutes before they arrived, i checked my flour bin and realized i needed to make another batch of flour.  ok, no problemo.  and then quickly realized (as a hot flash to-the-FACE set in) that i didn't have enough brown rice flour to make another batch.


...invite a girl and her son over to bake cookies for a school party and then ditch her as soon as she walks in to go make a grocery run...that is one HOT playdate.  i totally have it together.

with my tail between my legs, i sprinted out of the house, screeched out of the driveway and realized that maybe, just maybe one of my girlfriends in the hood might have some rice flour...oh lisa...thank you for saving my very embarrassed tail.  i.o.u BIG babycakes.  

luckily, kristy is one cool cat - we had a ton of laughs and made some gluten free, super sweet valentine's day chocolate chip cookies.  at least she knows that i keep it realz over here:)   and let me tell you, there is nothing cuter or messier than baking with two 3 year olds.  these boys were zoned in, on task and totally into it.  it was incredible.


the very best part...lick lick lick.

i'll be bringing those cookies on by in about 20 minutes...type fast sister...

ok, back to tonight's love fest:)

we're having a very romantic, candlelit family dinner.

here's the hot din din i'm planning:

tikka masala (mild for the weak tongues) & brown rice - bridget, i hope this one is as good as yours!!!
my grandma's cucumber salad
fresh homemade garlic bread (getting ambitious here)
stacy's homemade oreo cookies (will attempt a gluten-free version...getting really ambitious here)
super amazing red wine (me & him foh shoh)  and i might have to open that early...

whether this all happens or not, it sure sounds delish, doesn't it!?

i promise to take pics, make notes on my recipe tweaks and shall be reporting back.

have a lovely HOT valentine's day with you and yours - i hope it's filled with lots of smoochie boochies and real real good food.

muaAH with a cherry on top


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