Thursday, February 28, 2013

data snap shots - kindergarten to present day

oh adele.  i hear you.

yesterday was a big day - we had parent teacher conferences for both abbie and mac and we were walking on sunshine-snowflakes when we left the buildings together.

chris and i have never felt like more of team.

so without further ado, here are the data snapshots of abbie's progress from kindergarten thru today, beginning with the school's kindergarten screening report from a year ago.

Kindergarten Report of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety and Behavior Screening 

this report was alarming to both of us.  especially to me with a background in speech and language pathology.  however, it was this phrase that kept me from panicking too much at that point:

"For abbie, these scores may be slightly elevated because the youngest age on which this instrument (CTRS-3 or CPRS-3) has been normed is six years old.  Abbie is currently five years, seven months old.  However, even thought T-scores are slightly elevated, they still reflect an at-rist or clinically significan level of concern."

ehhhh, perhaps she'll grow out of this...i kept telling myself.

soon after this report, we decided to have her independently screened.  i knew that she had some sensory processing issues and i wanted to see if we could tease out any specific issues and get her some tutoring to catch her up.

Kindergarten Discovery Learning Institute General Assessment results:

well then, something was definitely amiss...i knew for sure she had auditory processing issues and was very alarmed to know she couldn't even finish some of the tests with a one on one teacher.  i began to work with her as much as i could at home (which was a h.u.g.e. struggle).  we put her in summer school.  she ended 6 weeks of summer school with no improvement.  

oye oye oye.

and now....ready for some tinglies?

fast forward to today, por favor.  

here is abbie's current data, compiled (with huge thanks!!!) by her classroom teacher and reading resource teachers.  

Report card: Abbie now meets or exceeds standards in all areas except for handwriting...we'll be on that!!!

well there you have it.  

pretty fun what a food change did for miss abbie.

and in case you missed it, here is the link to my recap of days 1-95: adhd eat my dust.

i'll never forget in a million years.

in the mullies we are.

what is the mullies you ask?

my bro-in-law kevin sent me this oh so perfect mullies description:


Just thinking out loud....what if you asked people to write in about what they think the mullies looks like to them?  Cause I believe its a place sort of like Neverland meets The Goonies meets Bed Knobs and Broomsticks....Maybe thats crazy and is a better conversation over some wine with friends?  But I remember as kids pretending by the swing set vividly. you know what would be weird.... going over to that spot in your old yard....maybe that would be a cool picture to send to Katie!  ok i have to teach now...


he's right.  it's whatever you want it to be.  and i think we need to go on a field trip to my old yard:)

here's to making it up as we the ends of the earth for food love.

you and me.


couldn't resist taking pics of this morning's success:
for the first time, i successfully snuck kale into the morning smoothie...boooo-yaaaaaaaaa!!!

i think the colored cup helped things a bit:)


  1. Yahooooooo! Great successes to celebrate! Side note regarding your Adele song.... the original Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan was our wedding tune :) Great minds baby!

    1. It was!? Oh I just love it so...thanks B, so so happy to write that post!

  2. truly amazing results! big cheers to everyone involved!!

    1. Hip hip hooray for that data, crazy train stuff:) Thanks bunny!!

  3. Wonderful! So so proud of Miss Abbie!


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