Wednesday, February 6, 2013

day 150 - seats are starting to fill in

oh happy happy joy joy.  boing boing boing.

i don't think today could get any better.  

singing to the mullies news #1:

as of today, abbie has gone from level a to level i in 150 days.  she is now performing above average as 1st graders in our district are expected be at level j by the end of the year.  i can't thank our classroom teacher enough for holding abbie to such high so appreciative of what you do for our little girl and every kiddo in your class.  you are truly making a difference L.

where o where will my little girl fly to next...

you go girl.


singing to the mullies news #2:  chances are you're gonna love this...hit play:)  this is so fun.

i just got this tinkle-in-my-pants email from my friend shelly, another hot mama in the mullies.


Okay, so I have to tell you….  We are truly 99.5% gluten free in our house – it has taken some time but we are really making head way with no gluten, preservative free, no GMO’s or color additives and clean healthy foods.  Still working on getting the finishing touches on the gf flour blend – ordering items on amazon tonight.  But this is what has me delighted – Ana’s teacher emailed me and informed me that Ana sat and wrote an ENTIRE page to her pen pal for 35 minutes!!  That is MASSIVE!!!  Ana could not sit for 5 minutes let alone write more than 3 sentences.  I am tickled pink and to some parents this isn’t much - but for me – it’s HUGE…  Banana was stretching to read at a level D and in the past 2 weeks she is reading D books with ease.  I am so excited  - but you know what this is all about!

It has been just about 3 weeks – two weekends of shopping all natural/clean – Mike and I haven’t spent this much time together since our honeymoon:) Oh man!  I have also added Fish oil & flax seed (smoothies are a great cover) to our daily intake.  Plus, I tell the girls everything I have added and explain why & what it does for them.  Lilly is loving this and is so interested in nutrition – “knowledge is my power” my girls have been hearing it day after day for the past 3 or so weeks.

By the way – LOVE the celery soup!  My Dad was so funny, I barely sat down on the bleachers and he was asking if I had any more – laughing at him – I told him I would bring some over the next day.  First thing in the door last Fri – he took the container with a big smile!  I made his day.


dancing in my kitchen...dancing for all the chances being taken.  this song is for all of you.

"chances are, we're making our own equation.

chances are all we need, chances are this could be the combination, chances come and carry me...

chances are waiting to be taken."

you go girls.


singing to the mullies news #3: 

i met with our school district's board of education last night on behalf of my ambassadorship to the jamie oliver food revolution.  it was a great "hello" and the conversation ball is in play...stay tuned:)  

we're gearing up for the global food revolution day on may 17th.  it's gonna be a hoot!


  1. you are changing lives! what exciting news from your friend, and big high fives to miss abbie!!!

  2. I love this, and how great that another mom is finding success and seeing changes! So cool about the school board. Us Mullies Teachers at my school are raising our voices about food and treats and all that... and people are listening!!!


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