Tuesday, January 22, 2013


the mullies are dancin on the big 'ol food revolution blog this week!

getting family and friends in the kitchen in 2013

the video montage at the end of the article really captured the night we all had together in the kitchen.  i mean, i love and want to squeeze it to death.  tinglies every time.  paul you rocked it.  and meg, your pictures are stunning.  t.h.a.n.k. y.o.u. and we are sooooo doing this again.

talk about a nuclear explosion to start the week!  jamie o's new food tube channel broadcasted live and i spent most of my free time yesterday watching all the new videos his food team put on.  they even answered my chard question!  i literally had no idea that i could use the stems...to think i have been throwing them in the garbage this whole freakin time...it's a travesty, i should be shot...and you better believe i'll be cooking up that chard pie soon...stay tuned for that little ditty.

this is one crazy lot: megan (the allergy awareness mom), me (nuts), christina (the kitchen queen) and stacey (the not-so-confident cooker).  these are the hot mamas who were the first brave souls to join me here and share their evolving, not-so-perfect experiences in the kitchen.

i'm really looking forward to more of you mustering up the gumption to join me.  cuz you knooooooooow you want to cook more...you knooooooooow you wanna stuff your faces with more of the colorful stuff... but maybe just not yet.  tomorrow, mmmmmm perhaps next weekend?  that's ok, i'm not going anywhere.  happy to have you anytime, with kids or without.  i am an all inclusive party place.


here's a peak back to what i wrote on oct 3rd.  i keep thinking about that morning in trader joe's parking lot when i parked the car...we're a-waterfallin baby.

let's get wet.

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