Monday, January 21, 2013

beet the burger blahs

i had no idea what this vegetable was when i first got them in my produce box three months ago.  welcome to the beet.


play it jacky.

did you say beet?  or beat it?  

i was not going to eat all of these beets by myself so i went on a hunt for a new beet recipe.  these are the first veggie burgers i have ever made from scratch.  i outdid myself.  so just beat it. 

here is the recipe inspo from a fav cooking site:  Best-ever Beet & Bean Burgers  

mullie notes:
i precooked the beets the day before.
i used a prepackaged quinoa/rice package.

i had a huge bag of beets and they weren't running anywhere so i did what i could and roasted them all in one huge batch.  

here's how i roast my beets:
wash em.
trim their tails.
splash em with a little evoo.
house them in tin foil (poke a few holes in the tarp).  
roast them at 350 degrees convection for 90 minutes. 
let them cool off and peel em.  

  i cooked them on friday and they chilled in the fridge until go-time on saturday night.

these organic beets are different than any other kind i have seen so far.  they weren't turn-your-fingers-blood-red and they also weren't golden.  a bit of a mixed-macho-man-beet you could say.  peach, pink, coral, purple...oh so dangerously good for you.

lots of yummy ingredients.

my mom hates beans of any sort.  i made her mash up some organic, canned black beans... HA!  she is being such a good sport, "can't i just use your food processor?"  nope.  beat it mom.  you have to show them you're not scared.

the beet it party brought some of my favorite peeps over: 
my firefighting bro danny (making his bacon cuz da beets scare him),
my bro & sis-in-law kevin and vicki,
and my parents.  
quite a mullies family cooking party.

let's put the beet burgers together, shall we?!

dice up the beets and heat them up with the onions.  
don't forget to beat them with a little salt and peppah.

ran out of fresh garlic, so this came in handy.  thanks emilie:)

yup, dad is doing a crossword and mom is hard at work dumping the fresh lemon juice into the beans.  can you believe him?  he should be beat.

and in go the onions & beets...

mix it all up: rice, beets, spices...super easy peasy.  nobody could mess this recipe up!  even me.  get sticky sweet and make a fatty patty.  everybody wants some!  and hey, don't be shy with keeping them on the cast iron grill for a bit.  the crust is TO DIE FOR.

what what!?  danny fixed my oven handle that was loose...see what music in your kitchen can do?  

vicki has mad salad skills.  those are carrots!  beautiful purple ones with lovely orange centers.  
and don't you want her scarf?  she told me i should use this song for the post... i didn't get it for about 10 seconds...  props girl, the beet it to the beat night would have been nothin without you...hollah that.

i know i know...enough of the holiday plates.  beat it.

we are loving the organicville foods non-dairy organic ranch dressing.   it's absolutely delish, like a creamy vinaigrette, it is also gluten free and i get it at target!   bye bye regular ranch!

tommy ate the beet & bean i going to heaven?  i only gave him a quarter of a burger and it was the perfect portion for him.  abbie had her one bite and then chowed on the salad & cucumbers i sliced up for her.  not bad, not bad at all.

my mom on the other hand...remember how she despises beans and does not like beets?  this lady has been converted.  she loves the beet it burger.  score.

danny was the only one who wouldn't try a time.  what a turd.  but he did find the music for the ps video you are about to watch:)

all in all, an incredibly fun night in the kitchen with my wonderful, crazy family.  
we made 8 burgers, and only one was left.  i ate it for lunch yesterday with some leftover celery soup.  these meals just keep on givin... 


and for dessert?   chocolate and laughter, lots of it.  i hope you'll join us in on the fun we had with these little nuggets.   i don't care how old i get, i will never tire of my dad's shenanigans at the dinner table.  don't miss his video - you'll be the *hit* at your next dinner party.

happy monday fun day. now beat it.

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  1. Looks interesting! I'm with your mom, I would need to be converted but certain you can do that! :)


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