Tuesday, January 22, 2013


this little lady is going to get a surprise celebration tonight when she gets home.

are you ready for this one?  did you hit play yet?!?!?!?!?

this morning, i received an unexpected conference call with some very special teachers and administrators at abbie's school.  they had crazy exciting news to share:  abbie's records were taken last week and she is currently reading at level g independently.  

137 days ago, she was reading a grade level behind at level a.  

where are the smelling salts!? 

she is now a tad above grade level expectations and has been officially released from reading intervention.  abbie will be spending her entire day in the classroom.  NO MORE PULLOUT. 

(this also could be a picture for when i screw up a recipe)

i think we all started crying.  this we did not expect.  to all of abbie's teachers and staff at fairhaven school:  thank you so very very much for supporting abbie, for supporting this food change as a viable intervention, for cheering us on and for giving me the courage to stick with a food change and not give up too soon.  

thank you for never making me feel like i was jumping off the plank.  the sharks never got her.  

to catherine, without you doing the research so many years ago, trying it first and telling me about it all...it never would have happened.  you were the first drop.  thank you.

we did it!

every tear is a wate... ok, ok, ok i hear you loud and clear...THERE'S A PARTY GOING ON IN HERE...


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did you know that certain everyday foods can trip your brain out?  foods that make you hallucinate.  yikes!  well that story got my wheels turning and i found a bunch of stuff that relates to the gut-brain connection.  here are some links to help connect the dots...  if you believe in all this hocus pocus:)

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  1. LINDSEY, this is WONDERFUL news. I am so happy for you guys, and so proud of you for sticking with this!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. woohoooo such good news MISS ABBIE!!!!!

  3. Abbie way to go! And here's to a continued journey of success -- to the Mullies!


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