Thursday, January 3, 2013

no pressure no problem

it was the phrase that greeted chris and i when we arrived at our honeymoon resort in st. lucia.  
we were given these yummy, fruity drinks that were called, "no pressure no problem." say it with a jamaican/st. lucian accent please.  and our week of bliss had begun.

that was 12 years ago.

it's what came to mind when i found this blog:  kelli and peter bronski are the bloggers and authors of this sweet arse cookbook that i am officially going love ballz crazy over.  talk about bringing me to my knees to testify.

i made their gf flour blend and will never go back.  e.v.e.r.  hello my new preciousness.

i'm not locked out of heaven anymore...

i have made the waffles on the cover 5 times already and nothing, not no how has come close to my grandma's waffles...until now.  i posted my recipe a while back with spelt flour (yea, abbie can't do spelt unfortunately...she went haywire and that's how we figured out gluten was bad bad bad.) 

so, after i cried myself to sleep over needing to be gluten free, i tried it with bob's red mill all purpose gf flour... i also tried the babycakes recipe & ehhhhhhhh....they were "fine."  but not the ONE
i am happy to report...these peeps have done it.  it's the same gosh darn spiritual list of ingredients!!!

this is the real joke, nobody in my fam could tell the difference (even snotty boy chris) and you better believe i'm going to do a taste test with my parents:)  mom even has an identical waffle maker...oh boy, when they get back from visiting my sister in denver,  it's ON.  

i subbed my rice milk/coconut milk blend to make it diary free.
(we have added eggs back into the scheme of things but only cooked in recipes...mac was allergic waaay back and has done really well with them, so good.)

i whipped up their quadruple batch of flour and it's hanging out in my fridge at the ready.  for anything, anyone, anytime.  i am pondering cooking my way through this tasty book.  meal planning at its finest.
i wonder how long it will take me?  or if i will even be able to do it?

no pressure no problem!


now go get yourself back into heaven and make some flour.

this one's dedicated to my thursday night peeps in the swagger wagon - you know who you are:)


  1. I will have to give it a try and see if it passes the BOY test at my house!

  2. Love the St. Lucia reference and swagger wagon. Let's hope for another Thursday night wedding soon. You rock Lindsey! I still see you dancing in the passenger seat every time I hear this song. Keep it up girl!

  3. Ahhhh yeah,!!! I played that song while reading and bouncing in my chair. LOVE IT! Maybe you could cook your way through that cookbook like the movie about the blogger and Julia Child. She did the same thing. Forget the name of the movie but it was quite funny. Ok, I'm going to try this one and we will see! Hope my picky eaters like it! Xoxo baby cakes!

  4. ooohhhhhhhh!!!! i can't wait to try this, you my dear are ON FIRE!!! xoxo, bunny


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