Thursday, January 10, 2013

nerd alert day - ever heard of excitotoxic foods?

one of the biggie bad additives we've been avoiding is monosodium glutamate (MSG).  oh man oh man, just stick some tape between my glasses.  i have turned into quite a label hawk. i look for anything that is a preservative, artificial color, artificial sweetener or additive.  i think they cause abbie to have numerous symptoms under the umbrellas of ADHD and sensory processing.

when i read the above label, i thought it was clean, right?  i was just trying to find some clean yummy crackers for my kids.  and after watching the video i linked to below, i found out that "natural flavors" and "yeast extract" from the above label can really mean sneaky poo poo MSG in my pantry.

(update:  the amazing health food store i frequent called the company of the cracker/chips and they are clean.  whew.  moral of this post:  if i really want to buy a processed food and it has a vague ingredient, i gotta call to make sure they aren't being sneaky.  and once i find a good company, i'm stickin with em!)

drop kick to the face averted.

the video below is 20 minutes long, so be forewarned & put your nerd glasses on with me:)  this dr happens to be a neurosurgeon.  MSG & dr blaylock.  i looked around at dr blaylock's wellness site and found this next little ditty.  it has a scary title when you link to it...but i guess that's the point...

i was a college athlete and am still an athlete with my hubby in trying to keep our rears high and tight.
i hope my kids find an athletic passion someday too:)

kinda makes my heart off skip a pun intended...i warned you it was nerd day.

my hubby's heart jumps too fast from time to time and i'd like to avoid those infrequent episodes.  
i've always wondered if there is a food link...we may never, now i'll be even more vigilant in my label-looking.  for him, for abbie and for all of us mullie folk.

i kinda like saying excitotoxic.  especially with a jim carrey like face and voice.  i know it'll make my kids laugh when we talk about labels together and real food.

all i know for sure is that MSG and all this other fudgeness isn't real food.  and either are the super not-so-secret-anymore spy names which may or may NOT mean MSG:
yeast extract
vegetable extract
protein concentrate
natural flavoring
soy isolate
so we'll be trying to avoid them 
(without a double blind placebo study or a reference check of dr. blaylock...cuz some call him a quack)
like the plague.


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  1. Good to know! Always wondered what is "Natural flavoring". I'm going to watch the video after the kids go to bed. You know I love my nerd nutrition! :)


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