Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hot mamas - my sister is here!!!

katie IS the mullies.  she helped invent it when we were little.  she's swinging in today and i'm flipping out excited over it!

she is a hot mama of 2 sweet little girls.  katie just had her 2nd daughter a few weeks ago and i'm soooo thrilled to have another niece!  here's her email to me and my parents (who just got back from visiting) 
with extra love from denver.

i love you sister and sure wish we lived in the same state...oh would we tear it UP.


Dear Dad & Lindsey!

Above is the link to that recipe I wish we could have fixed for you. It was part of a two-day dinner using leftovers feature, so there is a link to "tomorrow's dinner" that is even more delicious.

Here are my substitutions/changes just because of what we had in the house and preferences:

Quinoa - brown rice
Pesto - had it, but didn't feel it was totally necessary
Kidney beans - chickpeas (day 2)
Parmesan - we just used way less and it was still delicious

So good!

Love, Katie



looking forward to making grass stains with you here sisther:)


  1. mmmmhh looks so good (not as good as that streusel topped muffin mind you, but helllooo hard to compete with that!) cheers to you two mullies girls!

    1. ohhhhh, that streusel muffin is going to be a weekly baking must do...i can't wait for you to try this puppy:) Thanks T!! xo


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