Thursday, January 24, 2013

it's go time - making gluten free homemade pasta

my mom (how cute is she in her mom's vintage apron!?) and i had grand slam plans to make our own homemade gf pasta and sweet pan sauce.

it didn't go exactly how we envisioned.
i mean, it was all edible but definitely not eligible for a leftover container.  the kids were cranky, i was tired... our long weekend was over.  i forgot to bring mac to a birthday party - major loserville on that one.

however, we learned so much from our first pasta making night.  i taught my mom how to make the gluten free flower blend we've been loving.  it's our 4th quadruple batch - we love it pete and kelli!

brenda's expression here pretty much sums up the night.  HA!

first adventures in egg + gf flour = pasta making...we figured it might be better in a bowl vs the counter:)  the kids had a blast!

makin walnut sized ballz for my mom's shiny new pasta maker attachment.  

abbie was really good at bread kneading!

we'll be making a stance and grip change for our next showdown with the homemade noodles.  

the pasta attachment worked like a dream.  here is where i think we made our mistake:  we should have kept the noodle tubes in longer strings and had them dry for a bit before we cut them.  instead, we let the kids cut them to size immediately as they squeezed out.  

(insert our voices here) "GO, STOP, NOT YET, NOW, NO, GO, AHHHHHH"...whoo weeeee, let me tell you, directions were fun with kids when they feel like they are at the playdough machine.  this resulted in major clumpage in the bowl = super baaaaruuutal to pull apart and cook.   

however, the dough consistency & taste was fantastic!  i'd like to try this again with a different size pasta tube or even ditch the electric attachment and tackle lasagna noodles or homemade stuffed ravioli's....oh, now that sounds good!   i have an imperia hand crank italian made pasta machine and i'm bustin that out next time, foh shoh.  here is the recipe and boy does it look good handcut!!!  

needless to say, we had a lot left uncooked in the bowl, all cemented together, looking quite sorry looking.  garbagio.  

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  jumpin in.

did i say brutal?

nice whisking kiddos - tonight was the first time at the stove for them!!!  poor mom is still busy trying to pull apart those noodles...oof.

the mullies in denver alert: check out what my sister and bro-in-law have in their kitchen for their almost 2 year old, super cutie pie Claire.  

the original to the market is called the learning tower and they got the kitchen helper which is less expensive.  Claire cooks & preps with them all the cool is that!?  

final tasting notes!?  well....mac had two helpings of noodles with earth's balance/s&p/vegan parm and gobbled it up.  i had to add red sauce for tommy and abbie cuz they were not having the sauce we made together.  

the adults finished our plates but will be finding another sauce recipe.  here is the one i tried.  yea, no, it didn't turn out like the picture:(   ahhhhhh shucks.

i did the same thing when i realized i forgot to cook my veggies i had planned.  0 for 2 so far.

dementia happens.

game saver:

we finished the night with oranges and homemade honey popcorn.  this recipe was super easy & delish and a definite mullies keeper.  the kids loved it and so did i.  thanks shanna for passing melissa's recipe along! 

i subbed earth's balance soy free buttery spread for the butter.

1 for 3!  

gotta get back to practice.


here is a great article on portion control and real food.

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