Friday, January 25, 2013

friday lunch with t-bone & a must read book

this is the start of my favorite lunch: chard & tomatoes.  it got a makeover thanks to the recipe ideas the wonderful ladies over at the food tube gave me and all of the peeps on our interweb.  here is the question they answered for me in one of their episodes and i couldn't wait to try out adding the stalks to my salad!  

first of all, what a hoot to be on there with them and second of all, i am seriously so excited to have some more ideas for one of the lover-veggies in my life.  it's a tough sell to those who aren't so into the green stuff:)  

...and i will be making that chard pie for an upcoming dinner party:)  you bettah believe it!

the mullies chard and tomatoes

1 bunch of chard (stalks trimmed and chopped, greens roughly chopped to your liking)
1/2 red onion
1/2 cherry tomato carton 
pistachios (but use whatever you like)

sautée the onion and chopped stalks (they looked like chopped celery but so much more colorful!!) in evoo and add some s&p.  halve the tomatoes and add them next...let it cook for a bit to soften the tomatoes and release the juices.  add half of the leaves, let it cook down and then add the rest.  and done...i love nuts (hee hee) so i found some pistachios and threw some on top.

oh baby that's good eatin.  me and tommy.  (that little dish above is an upcoming post from din din last night:)

that is tommy's one bite rule!!!

here is how it went:  chewed, a little surprised, gagged at the texture...oh please don't puke!...and down the hatch.  he didn't want another, but he said he liked it. bite at a time...

so the plan was to wait and post this lunch later, but then i got a new email notification from one of my favorite blogs and just had to whip this puppy up pronto.  i literally just took the last bite of my chard!

THIS IS WHAT I HAPPENED TO US!!!!  OMG, MAN DOWN, my stomach is in knots....another mom out there...more research, more info....humina humina humina... i can't wait to get this book and read it. 

this is BIG people.

i can't wait for part 2 tomorrow. rock this hizouse.  

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