Monday, December 31, 2012

homemade hot chocolate for new year's hoochie boochies

this baby is 
soy free
dairy free
gluten free

oh yeeeeessssssss!!

here is the inspo link

and here's how we did it

the mullies homemade no-hype hot chocolate
2 c organic powdered sugar
1 c unsweetened cocoa powder (found mine at trader joe's)
1 tsp salt
(whisk it up in a mixing bowl and you can store the rest for later)

get your mug and fill it up halfway with rice milk.  add a few heaping teaspoons of the cocoa mix.  use your aerolatte wand and mix it up (or do it slow by hand sucker).  then top the mug off with more rice milk and a few tablespoons of coconut milk (it's the super secret to creamy-wonderfulnessss!).  
nuke it for 1.5 minutes and you're golden.

get in no-hyperactive.
i'm so funny

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