Friday, December 28, 2012

a december oatmeal cookie challenge

another food ambassador challenge post snuck in before the end of the month!

we tweaked the recipe to make it gluten & dairy free
we subbed an all purpose gf flour, sucanat (for brown sugar) & margarine
and kept the rest of the recipe intact.

i pre-measured most of the ingredients to make our cookie making go as smooth as possible.  

my mom & dad gave the kiddos their very own aprons...a little early xmas gift!  

the secret to keeping my three kids engaged with no spatula fights or throwing flour...was to take turns with pouring & mixing.  hollah!  they became bakers-in-the-makin for the afternoon.

tommy did really well...he loved dumping the ingredients:)

abbie got a little impatient at one point and did not want to wait her turn...


how long is this going to take mom!?!?

learning to cream the sugar and margarine.

slippery eggies

mac thought the oats by themselves were tasty...wierd.
he had no idea what oats were before today.

can you hear tommy singing and banging the drums?  
those spatulas are musical you know.

raisins were last...

time to mix it up...

that ice cream scooper is literally the best investment i've made for cookie making e.v.e.r.

very proud she is...scooped the entire pan herself!!!

snapped a pic just before the cookies went in the mouth!  delish delish delish.  we had the best time, we can't wait to tackle the next challenge!  thanks for the recipe jamie o - it has been officially bookmarked with the mullies bunch.

would you like a cookie?

blanky cape included:)

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