Friday, December 21, 2012


hello grammatical's "too", not "to"...geeeesh...

see what i mean?

i don't know about you, but i sure worry about my reflection.  one very special lady is helping me so much with my struggle with perfectionism.  she is the reason i had the gumption to begin this blog.

tiffany's message of being brave is one of my favorite & most personal lessons she has taught me.

it was a crazy brave thing i did with our food change.  and it certainly is not a perfect journey we're on...i'm so glad it isn't.  cliche alert:  i learn more from my mistakes than anything else.  and speaking of rewards baby...boy have they come to our family.

rewards that are not promised nor expected are the best, aren't they?

the new year is coming upon us.  you know what my resolution is?  to continue to be brave and not worry so much like a worthog. that's it.  i'm on my way to finding my (im)perfection - miss gwyneth paltrow hit me between the eyes.


all of the conversations i've had with miss camp1899 came back in full force.  i hope you enjoy these two posts as much as i have.  

here's to being brave in 2013 tiger.

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