Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wishful thinking about gluten

don't hit play just yet...

this song is from one of my favorite movies e.v.e.r.

i heard it on the way to pick up my youngest from preschool.  ahh pretty woman.  i wasn't married, no kids, fantasizing about getting picked up by a really really rich dude...not so much about being a hooker though...

and of course i thought of the mullies and what i most want to share with any parents who are thinking about trying this route or who are in progress with a food change to help their kiddos.  

i am a wishful thinker.  i go for things.  i mean, really go for it.  why not?  what is there to lose if it works?  whatever it has been in my life... i go ballz out baby.  because if you go 1/2 way, guess what?  it just doesn't pan out.  


but this whole food change?  worrying about your child...talk about a hole in my heart for so many reasons:  fear, change, judgement, indecision, difficulty...it's her whole life!  and ours as a family!!

gluten is a big trigger for abbie.  the day after t-day was a total mess.  she settled down this past saturday morning and then we gave her a pb&j on ezekial's sprouted grain bread and boy oh boy did she put on a hyper show for us in the afternoon.  sob!!!  and a happy dance!!!! that's reality my friends.  this little experiment does have a happy ending but the change is hard to swallow sometimes...no pun intended.  

i would never have known or believed it if i didn't give it 100%.  she doesn't have celiac, she can eat gluten with no outward digestive issues (no stomach cramps, bad poops, etc) but holy mollies in my hollies does it effect her energy level and attention span.  

i guess i know what to give her if she ever needs to win a race though...

we're almost at 3 months and i'm still learning everyday with her.  i just started a food diary and i'll be keeping that up for quite awhile to continue figuring out if other food triggers exist.

i am very happy with the way we did this diet.  eliminating everything for a month to see improvement. 
check.  we added back some gluten in month 2 and bam, we know it's one of the culprits by month 3.  
i will not experiment with the preservatives or food colors, i just think those guys are nasty.  i will probably move into fruits and veggies next to see if any have a noticeable effect on her attention span and hyperactivity.

i have a memory etched in my head of a very emotional michael jordan clutching his championship trophy while in the fetal position on the basketball court.  

i'm stuck in the 90s today:)

i am so happy i did the work to get here, the learning curve was pretty steep and i got frustrated.  
i almost gave up a few times...thankfully this little diary thing kept me going.  i knew it would hold my arse to the fire.  

farewell my gluten friend

i'll get over you (gluten and all that other crap) because i'm the queen of wishful thinking.  i refuse to give into my blues...that's not how it's going to be.  i'll pretend my ship's not sinking.

i deny the tears in my eyes because i don't wanna let you see.  i'll get over you i know i will.  i'll pretend my ship's not sinking cuz i'm the queen of wishful thinking

if i don't listen to the talk on the town...
i'm over you 

i didn't just wish - i made a move

my ship's floating not sinking

i am the queen of wishful thinking

now laugh your ass off watching this super cool video.

to all my hot mamas, papas & foodies out there,

play it baby!


  1. This post was a hoot! Join the gluten free club Abbie! Now I don't cut it out for anyone else, just Shannon, but slowly I am giving the boys gluten free stuff too, like Quinoa Mac and Cheese, or gluten free pancakes... because it's not the greatest for us in general! You did things exactly how a G.I. would have wanted you too... elimination, food trial, and back to elimination. PERFECTO my friend!

  2. one more thing... after Shannon was diagnosed, I was finding that when I explained it to people, I would say... it's not life threatening, but life changing! It really is a family decision to change your WHOLE way of eating... but you do what you have to do in order to give your children the best life, and for you too!!! 100 year old Grandmas, here we come!

  3. haha, i just posted you twice...oh well. I love the "life changing" that is a great way to put it:) yes! 100 year old grandmas who can still bust a move:)


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