Wednesday, November 28, 2012

meal planning - bring on the theme nights!

i am super excited about this one.  thanks to my hot mama sister katie for getting my wheels turning!

the most common issue with this clean eating & more cooking thang is that there is only so much time in the day especially if you are a working parent.  you're not getting home until after 5pm...your time is restricted, your freakin tired but you have to get dinner on the table!  whether you stay at home or work, planning, cooking and juggling the schedule is an issue for all of us, so i am on a mission to try and figure out a way we can all start eating real food without making ourselves even more stressed out!!!

starting themed dinner nights will be easier to plan, to shop for & hopefully crazy fun for the kids to look forward to!  in my pipe dreams, i'd really like to get the kids more involved with cooking too...maybe this will get them excited about being a part of it all!!

here are some of the ideas we came up with:

taco tuesdays
meatless mondays
make your own pizza night
german night
slow cooker night
soup night
breakfast for dinner night
italian/pasta night
hong kong night
make your own salad night
hawaiian luau night

i mean, you could really have fun with this one.  depending on your family's food tastes...the sky is the limit, right!?

here are some great links to some pretty sweet blogs...get your creative juicies flowing!!

family theme night dinner ideas

weekly menu theme ideas

theme nights and monthly food planning

my plan is to sit down with the family tonight and pick out the top 5 to 7 theme nights we'd like to try out for a while.  gotta leave room for a few leftover nights and i think if we spread the theme nights out between two weeks that will be a good starting point for us.

to the mullies we go...


  1. very fun idea and i could totally see the kiddo's getting into this more than just a what's for dinner? (; and love your update in the last post and showing how full elimination led you quickly to what was one of abbie's largest triggers!! amazing what can happen in just 90 days.....


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