Thursday, November 29, 2012

can't read directions...gluten & dairy free homemade nuggets & au gratin potatoes


i cannot read directions....very well.

what is my problem?

i always seem to skip over an important part or get distracted or something goes awry.  luckily this goof up didn't cost me the entire dinner.

are you ready for literally the BEST chicken nuggets EVER (and i screwed up the recipe even!!)?  

i had written these suckers off until i found this post last night.  

if you have a food processor, it's a must try.

healthier oil tip: use GMO canola oil or organic coconut oil to fry em up.
be careful not to let the oil get too hot!  i kept the burner on medium.

so what did i do to screw up?  i processed EVERYTHING together...didn't take out the potato chips and set them aside.  dumb dumb dumb dumb.  so, i improvised: used some gluten free bread crumbs to crust them with some s&p and they were still ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing.

crisis averted!!!  and i can't wait to see what they taste like when i actually make them correctly!

i also made 

gluten and dairy free mixed 2-potato gratin 
find the original recipe inspo here

1 onion sliced (i ran out so i just sprinkled dried onions on the layers and put about 1/4 c in the sauce)
saute in evoo or coconut oil until soft...

2-3 sweet potatoes
3 regular potatoes
slice em as thin as you can...

1 1/4 c coconut milk (i use trader joe's light coconut milk)
2 t arrowroot or potato starch
1 T earth's balance vegan buttery sticks (or from the tub)
pinch of nutmeg to taste
put in a small saucepan & melt it all together until bubbly...

grease your baking dish with evoo or coconut oil.  alternate layering potatoes and onions...have fun with the two potato colors!  finish with a layer of onions.  pour liquid over top, cover and bake for 30 min at 375 degree convection (or 400 degrees regular).  uncover,  sprinkle with your choice of diary free cheese and bake for an additional 20-25 min until browned and bubbly.

 i just bought that vegan, GMO free parm and it was really good!  

before and after

the hubby scarfing some nuggets down before basketball practice:)  
he was thoroughly impressed...score!!!

i had none left.


here is the coconut oil that the babycakes author recommends...and i just got it!!  
it truly doesn't smell like coconut...which i never really minded... 
it will be nice to cook without the aroma:)

find it here


  1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed the chicken nuggets. My hubby eats them all up too. :)

    1. They are truly amazing. I am so happy I found your blog, just a simple google search brought me to you and I'm excited to try some of your DIY herbals! So awesome and I just started following you on bloglovin too:) Have a great weekend!


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