Friday, November 16, 2012

i'll never forget my first time...

...when i roasted a whole chicken by myself.  

i remember my grandma & mom taking out the innards of birds, especially at thanksgiving and i've just never wanted to deal with all of that.  this organic bird came without the grossies...perfectomondo.

this entire meal came from gwyneth paltrow's my father's daughter cookbook.  i love it so much.

note:  i substituted coconut oil for butter

look at that HUGE bowl of kale before i added it to the onions.  
it really cooks down in a jiffy...

this chicken was so moist, so yummy, so good that this will be on the menu at least once a month.  

my first time was ahhhhmazing.  

reality check for working mom's and dad's:  this would be a hard weekday meal.  it takes about 1.5 hours to cook...but, a weekend dinner is a sure thing...and hollah...leftovers!  you'll get a minimum of two dinners...that is if it survives the first night's onslaught of hungry savages.

of course they all love fresh pineapple.

i know what you're wondering...did the kids eat that green stuff?!?  i kept to the one bite rule.  no one took more than that ...except for me of course!  but you know what?  they were all surprised at how good it was.  no one yelled "GROOOOOOSSSSS, that is disgusting!" they chewed and chewed and you could see their expression softening ...and i know it will just keep getting better every time i serve it to them.

i didn't get abbie to take her bite until she was running out the door to basketball practice.  
as she stepped into the garage, she looked back at me and said with surprise, "mom, this is really good!" and she was off.

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