Saturday, November 17, 2012

hot mamas dinner with polenta

another fabuloso hot mama dinner post from my amazing friend meg!

gluten free ingredient spotlight:

"Here is the meal that everyone in my family was able to eat (with exception for the green beans, no-no for Shannie).  I put the corn/rice noodles on the skillet since after boiling them they tend to be a bit mushy.  I put organic polenta slices on the skillet with EVOO (I cut them into potato chip slices).  The polenta was a topping for the green beans, just for something different.  I used the Nature's Best "butter" on the noodles.  Ryan devoured it, Sean liked everything but the polenta, and Shannie picked at all of it as usual.  But it was just fun to have one meal that we could all eat.  I made extra polenta for me, yummy!"

meg, you totally inspired last night's dinner for us!  
of course, i forgot to take pictures, sorry.
but i made some polenta lasagna...and here's a link to get your creative juices flowing.  

all i did was layer sauce, thin slices of polenta, squash, and ONE layer of greens (i had collard greens, but you can use spinach, kale etc...make sure to rough chop it).  don't skimp on the sauce!!  i sprinkled some parmigiano reggiano on top and that was it!  seriously, this is a dish where you can really get rid of some lingering veggies you need to eat before they go bad.  

thank you my hot mama friend!   

next time i buy i, will be looking for non-gmo & organic...
if it even exists out there:)  we might have to settle for just organic.  


  1. Linds, the lasagne looks so good... I'd have to leave out the pine nuts though, lol!

  2. this sounds SO good! when we get home i'll have to make this for sure, i love polenta (now you need to get southern grits on rotation!) xoxo, t.


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