Thursday, November 15, 2012

hot mamas - it's "rice" honey!

can you get any cuter?!

my hot mama friend stacey and her crew wanted to share with the mullies today!  

"tried quinoa today for the first time.  told them it was rice and 2 out of the 3 devoured it.  we had it as a side with broccoli and vegetarian fed/hormone free chicken.  i mixed mine all up into a stir fry-yum!"

love it!
thanks so much for spreading the food love stace!!

i am really loving this tribe wellness site i stumbled upon yesterday.  
their suggestions for being budget conscious were really helpful and of course i had to pass them along.  

between my hubbie and i, we were buying take out or going out to dinner at least 2-3 times a week before our family food revolution happened.  that really adds up.  that money alone has paid for the organic box of fruits and veggies we are now getting for $46 a week.  my goal is to get my other food purchases to fall between $100 and $200 a week.  yes, that's a big swing, but some weeks i gotta go to cosco and we all know what happens when you go there....oye.  

if you're still skeptical about the affordability of eating clean, here's a link to the family who did it on less than a food stamp budget.  100 days of managing a $125 weekly food budget.  
now that's impressive. 
i guess we really don't have any excuses now, do we?  HA!

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  1. you are on fire posting!! and such good website finds (; and *love* the gut - brain connection!


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