Sunday, November 18, 2012

grandma on the farm's waffles...tweaked

 get ready for the best waffle recipe ever.  

perfectly tweaked:)
this recipe inspo comes from my grandma who lived out in pecatonica, il - total awesome farm country.
whenever we would visit, she would would make us meals completely from scratch.  i aspire to cook like her one day.

one of the biggest food change freak out moments was over these coveted waffles.  how could i adapt the recipe to fit our new food fetishes and continue our waffle tradition!?  

these are a weekend mullies staple.

i couldn't wait to try out my brand spanking new waffle maker.  the non-stick finish on my old one started coming off.  super gross.

the first waffle on a new belgium griddle...always gets stuck, doesn't it!  i even told myself, "don't forget the non-stick spray"...and still freaking forgot.  

ah, much better.

mullies on the farm sprouted spelt waffles
with adaptations to suit your food fancy

2 c sprouted organic spelt flour (need gluten free?  substitute bob's red mill gluten free all purpose flour)
3 tsp aluminum free baking powder
1/2 - 1 tsp salt
1 3/4 c organic rice milk + 3 T coconut milk combined (or organic dairy)
2 eggs (whites separated)   OR  1/2 c applesauce + 1 tsp baking powder mixed
1/2 c earth balance vegan buttery sticks melted (you can also use the buttery spread or organic butter)
1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)

makes 6-8 waffles depending on size of waffle maker.

note: if you use real eggs, whip up the egg whites separately and fold into batter right before pouring into the waffle maker.  do not over mix - you should still see the fluffy egg whites throughout the batter.

mix all ingredients in order (notice the melted earth balance is last so it doesn't get clumpy).

make a double batch!  freeze the leftovers and use them throughout the week - pop em into the toaster.


get ready for the lightest, fluffiest most-crazy-good waffles ever.  
thanks for the inspo grandma:)  
loves you.

here is the company that make the organic sprouted spelt flour.  i bought mine on amazon.  before you lose your panties at the price, here is how i have rationalized the increased cost: i checked out the prices of peapod's organic boxed waffles.  for a count of 6 waffles i will pay $2.29 (the cheapest one).  one box would feed mac and abbie only!  so, i would need at least 2 boxes for 1 breakfast $2.29x2=$4.58.   following me yet?  i stuffed my family of 5 and only used two cups of my sprouted flour.  i had one leftover waffle.  my 2lb bag cost $7.67 and i have enough to make at least 2.5 more batches.
i'll add $2 for the other ingredients (i don't have the time to calculate all that out!!!)
that is 3 mornings of breakfast plus leftovers.  
3 breakfasts of boxed organic waffles = $13.74  
3 breakfasts of homemade organic waffles = $9.67 
so yes, this flour is more expensive than all purpose white flour, but not nearly as much as buying organic (albeit more processed) boxed waffles...

not to mention they taste like doo doo compared to mine.

making my own food will ALWAYS be cleaner, better tasting and cheaper than buying the box and that's how i will save more mullah going organic.

in regards to that whole "time" thing...i'm looking into that sweet new cloning machine on the market.

there really is nothing better than the homemade waffle smell in my house on a weekend morning...
and bacon...bacon always makes it better.


  1. Woooo hoooo!!! Grandmas waffle recipe. Can't wait to make a batch and freeze them! I guess I need to get a waffle maker? Ha. I buy my kids the dumb boxed waffles too. I hate those things but oh so convienent. The other day I was at target and bought three boxes to last the week. Really only about four days. Ridiculous! The cost is crazy and the list of ingredients makes me cringe! I know what I'm doing tomorrow :)

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  3. I hope you like them as much as we do! You're very welcome:)


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