Thursday, October 4, 2012

chicken with apples

we had a very romantic family dinner last night.

my inspo came from chicken and apples from the wellness mama


i diced up the onions to camouflage them to look like apples.  
it totally worked, hahahahah (insert evil laugh).
i added probably around 3/4 c white wine at the end and let it all simmer for about 10-15 minutes.  
oh baby it was good.
i served it with noodles and i  also chopped up a fresh pineapple for a side.

so the evoo, sesame oil and seeds were for the broccoli that i cooked up.  
that shit got eaten so fast that i didn't even take a picture.  
my friend christina shared this little gem with me.  thank you my cooking friend!!!

christina's broccoli is the best mom!

fresh broccoli chopped up
toss with evoo, s&p
throw a few garlic cloves in the pan
cook at 400 degrees for 10 min, toss, add another 5 min
take out and sprinkle some sesame oil & seeds on top - cook another minute or so...

my kids will not let me make it any other way now.  

mac set the table for me.  
he wanted to make it a restaurant.  
so he made place cards and a menu.

welcome to mat...each seat cost: 7.99 + $1.70 dollars off.

now we must learn how to put napkins in our laps.

 cheers mac!  thank you my little helper:)  

maybe you'll get into the food biz someday.  

his food promises to be "gas free".


  1. gotta try Christina's broccoli, we love plain steamed broc. at our house, but willing to try something new!


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