Thursday, October 4, 2012

check carefully...lindsey!!!!

i'd like to drop kick myself in the face. 

the veggie sticks i bought have potassium chloride.  how did i not see that?  i was giving those to abbie & mac to munch on in the car to school and sometimes in their lunches. 

then i looked at the calcium magnesium supplement.  

i honestly didn't even think about checking the label because i bought it at a health food store!!!!  

i looked up sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate and just felt like an idiot.  i mean hello, they even have (preservative) written after the words you lameass.  

i swear i have a college degree.

i just started putting the cal-mag in the smoothies this past weekend to see if they could detect it.
it's now properly sliming up my pipes.   

no wonder abbie is having a bad week.  

i feel a re-enactment of fight club coming on.

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