Wednesday, October 3, 2012

organic food vs non-organic

it definitely stinks that organic food costs more.  i had heard about a study that came out saying that organic food is no better for you than non-organic food.

this is one of the best articles out there to pick apart that nonsense...have at it mark!

so i was riding in the car today to the grocery store with my little man and one of my favorite songs came on,  every teardrop is a waterfall by coldplay.  i started thinking about our family, our school district's struggling kids & test scores, the mullies, food...round and round and round and round 

parked the car
turned it up 
and got the tinglies.  

and you know what that means...a couple of tears...and then it came right into my head like another lightening bolt.

a grass roots project is in the works....they have started all across the country with food behind the wheel of the bus.

come on peeps

let's start something in diamond lake - thanks for the inspo chris.

and i love what you stand for jamie oliver.


  1. the mud bigger issue that is always overlooked in the organic vs non-organic.. it's NOT about taste! it's about chemicals and that little thing called the environment. what organic farming does for the environment. and yes it does totally suck that it costs more, hard to get used to paying so much more, even when it is 100% worth it (;

  2. my auto correct is insane.. i said much, and it translated this to mud. haha!


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