Friday, October 12, 2012

1st dinner with gwyn's cookbook

let's start with the best part...the homemade peanut butter dark chocolate icecream.

the only substitution I made was sucanat for the brown sugar.  

i will be using my ice cream maker probably every other week now.  
thank you carol, bern, emilie and erika!!!

the little processor has chopped up dark chocolate and my blender worked perfectly for the rest.

i wanted to get sucked down into it...and drown in the yumminess.

my kids went bonkers and bananas for it, no way am i spending $$$ on the pint size, crazy ass expensive coconut milk ice cream or any other for that matter.

i seriously am in love with it.

the teriyaki sauce is unbelievable and i thawed out some frozen salmon.  
mac gobbled it up, tommy and abbie had a bite of fish and spit it out...first time for salmon.  oh well.  
there was none left though, chris and i finished it off.  followed the recipe to a T.    

first time i've ever worked with ginger and had no idea what mirin is...evaporated sake!

bombs anyone!?

those carrot looking things!?  
yea, had noooooo idea what the what they were when i saw them in my produce box.  
had to call the store to ask like an idiot.
i assume i have had them before at a fancy pancy restaurant  but seriously... clueless on this veggie. 


notes on the parsnips: 
kids didn't really like them.  all had a bite though.
if i had heeded the recipe warning and cut out the middle tough part, they would have been way better.  but oh, that's a lot of cutting my friend.  
sauce was awesome - i substituted vegenaise horseradish and nature's balance in the sauce.  
and just use dried herbs for freaks sake.   

we also cut up some mangos, i forgot to put them out for dumb, and come to find out, the kids don't even like mangos!!!  can you believe it?  
at least now i know how to cut a mango.

and funny thing, i just had a bowl full for lunch and my tummy hurts.  guess i don't like mango either?


  1. i definitely need to get this cookbook! on my list now (;


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