Wednesday, October 10, 2012

day 32 meal planning yea

just passed the month mark!

great news, abbie had a good day yesterday, let's hope this continues alllllll week babycakies:)  at the bus stop yesterday, instead of sprinting home with me left behind in her wake, she held my hand and we walked together the whole way home.  she proceeded to tell me all about how to tell time with the big hand and the little hand.  i mean, in detail.  i was her student.  she has never told me about what she has learned in school before.  i always ask and her response has always been, "i don't remember mom."

so anywho, onto me...

this meal planning thing blows chunks.  it's really h.a.r.d.  see, in the past, i have tended to let things rot and then have to throw them out because i just forget about what i have in my stupid fridge drawers.

i am beginning to think i have early onset dementia at the ripe ol age of 35.

i have NEVER had this many veggies in my house in the history of man - they are expensive and i don't want to fall back into my wasteful, lazy habits.

so, i sat down today and tried something new (it helped that i showered & put make-up on today).

got my computer googling, recipe books opening and stickie notes sticking.

i planned today through sunday.

i swiped this spriral notebook that came in tommy's free preschool supply box.
i have been dabbling in it a little bit already (last week) and here's what the mullies has inspired:

1.  scope the fridge & write all veggies down on their own stickie note.
2.  look at my family's crazy ass schedule.
3.  pick out the main courses for dinner (when can i cook? when does chris have to cook? blah blah...)
4.  bookmark online recipes and stickie note cookbooks for upcoming meals.
5.  put the stickie note/veggie next to the day in play
6.  note where recipes can be found... so i don't forget.

yes, my notebook is a total mess.  only i could probably make sense of it, but who cares!?  maybe i'll be more martha stewarty and organized someday, but frankly my dear, i don't have the time.

for tonight:

gwen paltrow's broiled salmon with homemade teriyaki
roasted parsnips
christina's sesame broccoli
mango slices
homemade vegan peanut butter icecream

oh that sounds crazy good.  

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