Saturday, September 15, 2012

in flats on day 7

i went to bed early last night.  really early.  the mullies sucked the air out of me.  i was anticipating this though, i knew i would break a heel on my stilettos at some point and ask myself, what the f was i doing.  so, instead of wallowing in my yucks, i just went to bed.  and woke up just now.

yesterday we went to seek some advice, to see if we are on track.  the good news is that we are.  yea!  we added a kids' probiotic.

we also need to do more.  mac is (not was) allergic to dairy and eggs and we believed he "grew out of it" because he doesn't have anymore physical symptoms.  no puking, peeing out the butt or hives.  however, once allergic, always allergic.  some say the symptoms can evolve into inattention, hyperactivity and focusing problems among many other things.  sold.  i told mac last night and he was happy.  he said he hates cow's cheese anyways:)

ready for the next part?  i honestly don't know if i want to write it.  this soooooo kicks me off the highway even more....this highway i been on forever.  we have decided to get rid of milk.  cringe.  oh god.  really.  oh i don't know.  big sigh.  i don't even want to talk about it yet.  make it reality, so give me a little space with that.  i'll get back to you on everything we need to change.  hot fuuuuuudge.


i just want to love and squeeze my cheese.  


  1. Not sure I agree the whole get rid of milk idea. What about the calcium? Also do not agree with allergy once allergic always allergic. I used to get 5 allergy shots a week until I was 16. I do not have those allergies anymore. Only a true allergy test will give you the answer. LL, slow down. It will all work out. Add some fruit and veggies to the diet and be careful with the probiotic thing. Ths is a new fad, we grew up without them and did fine. Thinking abou you an sending hugs. Emi's Mom

    1. Thanks for the hugs and your thought about the calcium and allergies!!! ...and I have a plan:) you are the best...xo


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