Friday, September 14, 2012

spoiled by a sulfiting agent

i'm so dumb.  last night, i seasoned my bare brand chicken with this montreal chicken seasoning that i love and ALWAYS use... i didn't even think, "what's in this?"...i googled the last ingredient: sulfiting agents.

i was so mad i could spit.  a sneaky preservative.  gotta go through my spices now.  mother fudgers.

so the adults took one for the team and i made some of the purdue simply - lightly breaded chicken chunks for the kids.  i don't know what i was more mad about, the fact that i couldn't give the kids the bare chicken tenders or that i got two pans dirty.

last night's dinner:

avocado chunks w/ cut up nuggets seasoned with s&p and organic ketchup for dipping.

go go squeeze berry applesauce pouches.

lays potato chips and veggie chips.


1/2 ciao bella ice cream sandwich squares

i gave them little cups with ketchup and did not refill them.  they are slowly getting used to my ketchup rationing (about a tablespoon).  i swear abbie would have gone through a cup of ketchup by herself.

this dinner is not magical by any means.  it was very simple & easy.  and hello, we had the bears vs packers game to watch in our neighbor's garage.

this is real life people.

challenge:  what the heck do i do when we go to a party and there is food available to the kids on my crazy shitlist?  food that i served less than a week ago, and that the kids know and love!?  good luck with that.  here is what i did:  i told the kids what they could have, went home and got them dessert.  i let them have a capri sun and more potato chips which were a-ok with ingredients.  no problem.  then, when we got home we reminded them about our little experiment.  they got it.  i think.

what should YOU do if my kids come over to your house?  nothing.  nada.  zilch.  i will bring stuff for them:)

my head hurts thinking about this stuff.  i think it's this whole looking crazy thing.  and wanting my kids to enjoy being kids.  they had more sugar tonight than i would have liked.  it's ok.  i think i'll relax more once this month is over, gotta sort it all out...find balance.

feel the force luke.


  1. you're getting the hang of it fast!! hooray!!!! and damn game.

  2. Costco has organic panko chicken you would like. Emi's Mom


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